Debatable: To test or not to test?

Vivian Coleman, Staff Writer

To test or not to test? An irrevocable question that could alter the course of an individual’s life. It is a well-known fact that teenagers acquire numerous hormonal imbalances before reaching their majority; yet, adolescents are expected to make decisions that will affect them for the remainder of their life. Seldom are teens told that confusion during this stage of life is expected. Removing the added stress of college entrance exams ensures a lack of self-doubt from scores that do not define an individual. Often, students feel as if the scores from said exams define who they are as individuals and ensure failure later on in life. This is not the case. An entrance exam does not define the ambition or moral justice individuals may possess. A college entrance exam can be compared to a person staring at a glass of water and proclaiming it half empty instead of half full.

Society is trapped within a metaphorical box, too lethargic to rebel against societal norms as mundane stresses lurk about. As high school seniors prepare for their next endeavor, college, numerous students are stricken with the cost of this new burden: entrance exams, tuition, scholarships. However, eliminating college entrance exams—SAT and ACT tests—, ease the stress numerous students succumb to. Despite the accolades numerous individuals might receive from becoming college ready, SAT and ACT exams are stress inducers that limit students’ capabilities and enables doubts within impressionable youth; therefore, college readiness examinations should be eradicated in order to discern students’ full potential.

The impressionable youth of this nation are taught to aspire, told that lack of ambitions amounts to a desolate lifestyle. Often, it may feel that despite the numerous accomplishments pursued, these achievements will never be attainable. However, such idealisms fade as numerous schools become test optional. Without ACT and SAT entrance exams, student capabilities will not be limited. Students will reach and set their own limits instead of stretching themselves thin as they attempt to be enough for everyone but themselves. A recognized student, Briana Sepulveda, amends that, “Standardized tests limit the true capability of a student. Some students have even lost their sense of achievement and confidence to succeed, due to the fact that tests like ACT and SAT have put a label on them based on their scores.”

Studies indicate that nearly a thousand colleges are test optional due to entrance exams not fully assessing a student’s true potential. As a nation divided, it is instrumental to educate the younger generation appropriately in order to safeguard the future. It is time to challenge the metaphorical box that we have resided in for too long. It is time to challenge the significance of college entrance exams.