All Rapped Up: Music Reviews

“!” (Exclamation Mark) By Trippie Redd 

Released August 9, 2019

Track 1- ! Produced by Jr. Blender & Diplo 6/10

I am almost happy with the song, but I was kind of thrown off due to Trippie Redd’s lyrical capabilities. I expected a lyrical song as a starter but Trippie proved me wrong. He is very diverse, as he says he is. On the producing side of the track, it sounds like the typical Diplo produced song. In this case, it feels like I have heard something awfully similar.

Track 2- Snake Skin Produced by MTK & Hammad Beats 8/10

This track feels like something that late rapper XXXTENTACION would make. It genuinely feels like a tribute or inspired by X. Trippie Redd says “Suicide” repetitively, but it was not enough to give me a migraine.

The production is a whole vibe. I get this get creepy music box with a piano complement. With the bass and some percussion, it is really a pleasure for the ears

Track 3– Be Yourself  Produced by MTK & OZ 9.5/10

Sounds like a lyrical matured Trippie. I listened to the track without an awkward pause. Beautiful song and sweet to the point. In the background throughout the song, Trippie Redd slightly complements the song with his singing talent. I hoped to receive more of that.

Production of the song is perfect.

Track 4- I Try Produced by ChopsquadDJ 10/10

Nice mix of lyrics and singing by Trippie Redd. Beautiful singing chorus. Its like seasoning to meat, not too much singing but just enough.

The beat is sweet to the point. It’s a listenable short piano sample. The bass fits the sample. Nothing to complain. I will add to playlist.

Track 5- They Afraid Of You (Feat. Playboi Carti) Produced by ChopsquadDJ 4/10


Sounded promising at first, but the song overall sounded messy. I really tried to like this song. I was just expecting so much more since Playboi Carti always seems to take over in songs that he is featured in. For example, Tyler The Creators’ song “EARFQUAKE” and the song that leaked summer of 2019 “Pissy Pamper.”

It had a good beat but the lyrics that complemented the song were just not good.

Track 6- Immortal (Feat. The Game) Produced by MTK (Producer) & Hammad Beats 8/10

This is another very good lyrical song by Trippie Redd. The Game got the ball and didn’t drop it props to him. The Game being lyrical about the life in the streets, deep words. Trippie really took over the song with the chorus.

At the beginning, I got the instrumental feeling of Juice WRLDs’ song “Robbery” which sounds like a bass instrument complemented with a piano. The trumpet like instrument in the far back really adds style points.

Track 7- Throw It Away Produced by OZ, G. Ry & BRYVN 9/10

Has an odd introduction to the song but really throws a really beautiful beat straight to the listeners’ faces. It sounds like a high school love crisis anthem. Extremely catchy song. We get more of Trippie Redds’ singing side.

It has a really good transition at the end headed to the next track. I needed at least one more verse.

Track 8- Keep Your Head Up Produced by Murda Beatz 7/10

The Triplet Flow is nice to listen to. The second verse and the bridge after that stole my ears. I found my self humming to the song most of the time. Murda Beatz did an excellent job on producing this banger. My only problem was the slight awkward repetition in the first verse.

Track 9- RIOT Produced by Kyle Stemberger & Kd33 6/10

The song has a poor chorus. I did not like it at all. The verses really carried this song. Overall it sounds like the chorus and verses are against one another or they both are from a different song.

The beat sounds inspired from Gunnas’ song “Sold Out Dates.” The beat is mainly out of a guitar sample.

Track 10- Mac 10 (Feat. Lil Duke & Lil Baby) Produced by Wheezy 9/10

It feels like the track does not belong to Trippie Redd. Lil Duke and Lil Baby, the features, delivered a verse. Overall, the features had more to say than Trippie Redd. That was the only thing that bothered me about the track. The beat is perfect. The bass and the flute like instrument, it was just straight beautiful and made my head move.

Track 11- Everything BoZ (Feat. Coi Leray) Produced by Wheezy MTK & Hammad Beats 10/10

Beautiful power couple. Boyfriend and girlfriend on a song, its cute. They both truly delivered without a doubt. I don’t know what it is about Trippie Redd, but he is absolutely the best at making choruses.

Nothing to complain about the production. The song is just on point.

Track 12- Under Enemy Arms Produced by MTK & Hammad Beats 8/10

A unique track; something that was a first from Trippie Redd. The trumpets hitting the medium range. The song is straight to the point. Repetitive.

Track 13- Lil Wayne Produced by Nils & OZ 10/10

By the title, Trippie Redd may be paying homage to one of his influences. He has stated that artist, Lil Wayne, is his idol. For a song that is less than two minutes, it is perfect. Everything about it; the verse, the chorus, the beat. They are all just on par with each other. It is just so good that it frustrates me that it only has one verse.

Track 14- Signing Off Produced by Staccato 6/10

Proper way to sign off the album. Breathtaking song, but it is a song that I see myself playing a handful of times. It almost sounds like a Diplo song beat but it is likeable this time around.

Overall 8/10

Personally, I still feel the potential of the album could be bigger & better, but it didn’t disappoint. It lived up to its hype. This album, I feel like it’s not Trippie Redds’ best songs to date, but it’s there to cure your cravings for more of Trippie Redd’s music.


Ratings: Best-Worst

1. Lil Wayne Produced by Nils & OZ

2. I Try Produced by ChopsquadDJ

3. Everything BoZ (Feat. Coi Leray) Produced by Wheezy MTK & Hammad Beats

4. Be Yourself  Produced by MTK & OZ

5. Throw It Away Produced by OZ, G. Ry & BRYVN

6. Snake Skin Produced by MTK & Hammad

7. Keep Your Head Up Produced by Murda Beatz

8. Mac 10 (Feat. Lil Duke & Lil Baby) Produced by Wheezy

9. Immortal (Feat. The Game) Produced by MTK (Producer) & Hammad Beats

10. Under Enemy Arms Produced by MTK & Hammad Beats

11. ! Produced by Jr. Blender & Diplo

12. Signing Off Produced by Staccato

13. RIOT Produced by Kyle Stemberger & Kd33

14. They Afraid Of You (Feat. Playboi Carti) Produced by ChopsquadDJ