Hasbro under fire for “Monopoly Socialism”


Zoe Alvarez, Staff writer

After great controversy with “Monopoly for Millennials,” Hasbro is back in the ring with “Monopoly Socialism.”

The premise of the board game is to play as socialists, the winner becomes a capitalist. The game is based around socialism. Regardless of the simple concept, it made things a lot more complicated for Hasbro.

Twitter user Nick Kapur describes the board game as inaccurate.

“It goes without saying that this game is entirely uninterested in trying to understand what socialism actually is and how it might function,” he said.

The games features include constant negative “chance cards” by implementing the idea that socialists have to pay for every little thing in the community. The playing tokens consist of a typewriter, record player, pocket watch, and an old-time telephone. Social media users feel as if it is calling socialism an outdated way of life.

The game continues on by upsetting the internet with features such as every player having to pay the person who runs out of money rather than go bankrupt and lose the round. Many find the rules to be completely inaccurate with the actual political views and lifestyles involved with socialism. Others consider the game to be a poorly planned twist on socialism due to its lack of research.

I find that both Hasbro and the internet are wrong.

Hasbro came up with a game that inaccurately describes socialism. Kids and young adults will play this game and start to learn socialism through Hasbro’s point of view rather than learn the actual history along with its political views and way of life. Hasbro, as a corporation, should know how sensitive the society we live in is now. At this point, Hasbro is only teaching children and young adults inaccurate information about socialism and is only creating more media downfall for themselves.

The internet has become the place where everyone gets offended. More often than not, every big story that hits social media is about something or someone that did or said something that offended everyone. This society has evolved into one that cannot take a joke, ignore comments, or be understanding of other’s opinions if it’s not of their own.

In the end, both sides of the story fell to fault. Corporations should stay out of politics and the internet should learn to get over it.