Thoughtful Thursday: All my friends are musicians


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

A friend of the writer who plays the saxophone and the piano.

Zoe Alvarez , Thoughtful Thursday columnist

Going to a fine arts school comes with its unique perks. I remember sitting in my combined dual class in the recital hall when the realization hit me, the majority of the class were musicians. All my friends are musicians and have knowledge in the fine arts field. It spans from band, orchestra, and mariachi.

This means that on a daily basis with almost everyone in that fine arts school, you will have a conversation about music. It was such a situation that I found myself feeling quite lucky for having. Regardless of which family of instruments the musicians belonged to, such as woodwinds, brass, strings, or percussion, they all shared the same conversations based on music. These can range from how class went to competitions and performances that were coming up.

Of course not all that glitters is gold; Time and time again I ask non-musicians what they think of these following inconveniences of being friends with musicians: You cannot sing or hum a tune without someone telling you you were flat, sharp, or out of tune. Of course, not unbearable, but incredibly annoying. Non-musicians definitely agree with my views on these matters. Musicians, due to their knowledge in music, tend to critic performances rather than enjoy.

Nonetheless, having musicians as friends has been some of the greatest moments of my life. I’ve had countless rehearsals and practices in which I’ve hung out with my friends. Every day I learn something new when it comes to music such as the proper way to hold the violin and that a slide on the trombone is not actually attached. I get to play people’s vihuelas, violins, ukuleles, and more. I get the opportunity learn to hold a trumpet the proper way and play the piano with friends. These are the moments where I realize the special little place I am at and enjoy who I have to hang out with.


Song for today: Something to Believe In by Young the Giant