Thoughtful Thursday: Music recommendations


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High by Arctic Monkeys.

Zoe Alva, Thoughtful Thursday columnist

I believe there are various acts of courage. Recommending music to friends or others is most definitely one of them. Our taste in music is our own little corner of privacy. It’s one of the very aspects that makes up our personalities, perception of the world, and emotions. Our taste in music is where we turn for refugee when we have a bad day or are feeling down. These songs are what we attach to certain memories.

Its no wonder why we feel reluctance when recommending music to others. Recommending music is like offering someone a glimpse into our private world of memories, feelings, and secrets. We fear the great claws of judgement from our peers. We fear that they will dislike a recommendation so rapidly it damages the amount of love we feel for it.

With the bad comes to good. Music recommendations are one of the many ways that people discover new music and discover other people’s interests. I’ve discovered many great artists and bands from music recommendations. I discovered Wild Ones, Beach Fossils, Alvvays, and more from recommendations from friends.

I find that music recommendations are a great way to expand our taste in our genres. It can even go as far as recommending new genres that we were always so reluctant to give a try until told to do so. It helps us open the door to other worlds of music we have never dreamed of discovering. This is how I found a love for indie.

Don’t always feel so afraid to give music recommendations. If you really enjoy an artist or band, recommend it. You’ll never know what genres other people will begin to enjoy because of you.


Song for today: Marry Me, Archie by Alvvays