Experiences: Pink and blue should be unisex


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Color stereotyping is sending the incorrect message to young children. Their clothing should not define if they are a girl or a boy.

Lucero Rea, Experiences columnist

This is senior Lucero Rea’s final column in The Magnet Tribune’s online edition.

If an individual is shopping for clothes for a newborn, what color do they usually get? The overall rule nowadays is that girls are more likely to dress up in pink clothes and boys in blue. Before a baby is even born, and before being able to choose colors, it gets color coded. Regardless of apparently living in a modern-day era where individuals encourage gender equality, the stereotyping of gender keeps on being such a social problem, it is still obvious that there is still a major gender division when it comes to young girls and boys.

Certain girls do not like skirts and some boys do not want to be macho. ”

— Lucero Rea

An abundance of parents do not want to differentiate the children by the color of clothing they are wearing. Certain girls do not like skirts and some boys do not want to be macho. This culture is imposing rules and thoughts on young kids when some of them are taking it as a mismatch of what they truly feel inside. Color stereotyping is sending the incorrect message to young kids. Their dressing should not define if they are a girl or a boy.

Nowadays, if men wear pink clothing they will most probably be labeled as a homosexual, and this is one of the wrong thoughts our culture gives us on a daily basis. If the one wearing pink would be a young boy it would be harmful; he could even end up being bullied at school. The majority of modern parents usually let their kids choose their own clothing for this matter, and it is something most parents should start letting their sons/daughter do. Yes, they might be too young but even at such a young age they already know what they are comfortable in and what not. Bows and skirts are not meant to be put on a little girl who does not like them, and young boys should not forcefully be put in athletics if they would rather cheer at a football game.

This issue is not about the colors. A pink skirt and a blue cap are not the devils. The messages hiding in the colors are what are actually harmful. Before a child’s life even begins, they are assigned a script on how to be a boy or a girl, and the rules are given through colors. Certain individuals are not pleased with them simply liking pink and blue, they want them to be the colors and wear them.

It is not fair for certain girls to be prohibited from playing in the mud and getting dirty for having to stick to things such as ballet, beads, beauty pageants, and rainbows just because that is what a lady is “suppose to like.”

The color coding starts even before birth and a lifetime of introduction to these ideas can negatively impact them through their self-worth, career choices and how to obtain certain things. This color coding follows individuals all the way throughout their entire life. If individuals keep on thinking that a girl is meant to cook and stay at home, while a boy needs to focus on making money, we should sit and reflect for a quick minute on how adult life really is like.