Thoughtful Thursday: Driving to a concert


Zoe Alvarez , Thoughtful Thursday columnist

I love the before-concert-drive. Sitting in the car while looking outside, a playlist of the band you’re going to see playing in the background is the best part of the journey. 

We’re always told to fall asleep and take and nap. Something I’ve always found so difficult to do when I’m so excited. 

I can’t help but feel restless every single time. My thoughts range from “what songs will they play?” To “What will their opening song be?” 

My father and I enjoy discussing which songs will most likely be apart of the setlist, which songs will sound great live, and the venue or arenas. We ask ourselves: how many shows have we been to? We always seem to lose count. 

After lighthearted conversations, we begin to devise our plan for the concert. These concert strategies depend on the type of concert we’re going to. 

Floor seats or general admission require an “all hands on deck” approach. This means to secure a great spot for the show, we must all take turns for different jobs. These jobs include saving spots while others use the restroom, being in charge of standing in the merch line, and sending people to buy snacks and water. 

Reserved seats in arenas only require a more laid back approach. The seats are saved which means there is no need for rushing. Our biggest priority then is to purchase our tour shirts. Throw in some snacks and water and off we go to our comfortable seats. 

This is only the beginning of concert life. 

Sound for today: Long Division by Death Cab Cutie