Thoughtful Thursday: White noise


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

Zoe Alvarez , Thoughtful Thursday columnist

Through the hustle and bustle of every day, our ears are constantly filled with a vast variety of sounds. From the bellowing sounds of traffic such as the attention seeking ambulances to the sound of an angry driver’s car horn. It can be presented as difficult for the ear to tune out these loud sounds and settle for the more peaceful side of the spectrum. But when they do, they discover white noise.

White noise are the little sounds in the background. They take refuge in silent spaces. These can be the rain drops on the glass window, to the sound of the wind chimes outside, to the rustle of the tree leaves when a gentle breeze passes by. Such a lovely thing it is. They can be the sounds from nature or a machine. Some may find blissful relaxation from the sound of thunder and rain, others from the humming of machinery such as the air-conditioner. White noise is most commonly known for its use in helping people unwind or fall asleep.

My favorite kind of white noise is the house appliance fan. Ever since I was a child, I took comfort in the soft sound of the fan. I remember sleeping in silent rooms whose only form of noise was the fan. My father also shares the same liking for the house appliance fan. It’s his absolute favorite. It makes me wonder if I took the same interest after my father. Funny how people download all sorts of white noise apps, listen to white noise YouTube videos, or even by white noise machines. I simply turn on a fan and let the soothing sounds fill the air.

I find white noise to be the world’s way of reminding us that there is peace and relaxation in silence. When we take a moment to stop and become aware of our surroundings we begin to hear things we haven’t heard before. We hear the water dripping from the sink, the sound of the wind, the sound of static coming from the TV, and the tick of the clock. White noise is a whole other world. Another world that we could all be a part of if only we took a moment to just stop and take in the soft sounds around us.

 Song for today: J-boy by Phoenix