Experiences: Older generations need to stop bashing millennials


The Magnet Tribune: Creative Commons

Today’s generation may be labeled with a lazy and entitled reputation, however, adults should not judge everyone for the actions of a few.

Lucero Rea, Experiences columnist

“Kids these days” is something most adults say when it comes to millennials. Most of the young individuals have at least once in their life heard the phrase “In my days when I was your age I would not act that way or did not have…” by grandparents or parents, and there is an abundance of many other phrases adults say to young individuals; however, they would be endless.

Today’s generation may be labeled with a lazy and entitled reputation, however, adults should not judge everyone for the actions of a few. By speaking out their concerns and repeating the same phrases, adults have denounce this generation because of the internet and things such as social media. Some of the judgements are vague and not something to give importance to; nonetheless, the older people constantly show some concern for today’s generation when they should not.

Times change and instead of certain individuals judging the way time has evolve they should take advantage of the new inventions. Some of the most popular social media accounts would be Snapchat and Instagram. On Instagram individuals can share their loving moments with the world and their family through pictures and on Snapchat they are able to record those moments and keep them forever.  Individuals can virtually connect with their friends and family through social media. Social media is a priority to use to most millennials because regardless of what is being posted, individuals can be and show who they truly are without giving any type of importance to the judgements. To the older generation who are judging the millennials for owning a social media account or their advancement in technology in general, they can go ahead and keep on criticizing, because up to this date millennials seem to not give the comments any type of importance. Millennials will continue to grow and advance. Adults should acknowledge how better society is along with the benefits the new technology has given to the world.

The issue with certain individuals from the older generation is the fact that they are stereotyping a generation, and no matter the reason it is not something right to do. If judging based on gender, religion or race is immoral then how is judging a whole generation not a bad thing to do? There is absolutely no possible way that every young individual is lazy. Maybe some millennials are apathetic; however, there is an abundance of adults that are as well, because definitely age does not represent the way an individual acts.

Do certain millennials expect everything without working hard? Yes. Do all millennials expect that? No. It is not hard at all to group a whole generation together and suppose that they are all the same; nonetheless it is not a fact. Millennials have gladly been given the invention of technology, and yes things have gotten easier, but expectations have gotten higher. The price to attend college has risen, and even after the high amount of money an individual must pay for college the search for a job after graduation is not easy at all.