Observations: The risks of oversharing on social media


The Magnet Tribune: Creative Commons license

These are a few of many social media apps used by individuals to share aspects of their lives.

Aryanna Rodriguez, Staff Writer

The use of social networking sites has increased a lot more through the years and has caused individuals to want to share more on social media. Social network sites have opened new ways for users to share all kind of memories and personal information which has resulted in the sharing of material to be nothing new. However, many users nowadays may be putting their lives and reputations at risk by oversharing.

In my opinion, oversharing on social media is not safe, for many reasons. Oversharing information, memories, moments, opinions, etc. can potentially put a person’s future at risk. There are many individuals that choose to share everything online. According to Frank Landman, what users do not understand is that what you put on social media stays online forever. Landman states, “what many fail to realize, in part because of the relatively recent development of persuasive social media, is that once you put information out there, it lives online forever.”

Recently, actor Kevin Hart was chosen to emcee the 2019 Academy Awards, something he was looking forward to. Unfortunately, an old tweet that he posted in 2011 came back and ruined that opportunity for him. A guy named Benjamin Lee brought back a homophobic comment Heart had made on Twitter and Heart was no longer going to be the host at the Academy Awards. This demonstrates that even if individuals try deleting something they may have regret putting, it does not guarantee that it will be gone forever.

In addition, if a person decided to share something that is not appropriate or bad it will stay on their social media and can potentially be used against them. As Landman reveals, “as children grow and begin their own digital lives, they learn from these behaviors and begin to share such information on their own. This can cost them college admissions, jobs, and more.” This shows that revealing too much on social media is risky because it is never deleted forever. The information shared can easily come back and be used against individuals when trying to move on and be successful in the future. Although this shows why oversharing is a threat, it is not the only reason.

Apart from the risk oversharing that could jeopardize a person’s future, there are people’s lives that are put at risk as well. I agree with Landman: “one of the leading long-term issues associated with oversharing on social media today is its impact on children.” More parents than teens use social media, and parents influence their own children to grow up into a world with social media. Parent’s sharing their children’s personal lives on social media also opens up opportunities to invasion of privacy and even cyberbullying. According to Landman, even little things, such as sharing the child’s birthday, or the name of their school can make them more vulnerable. “This demonstrates that individuals do not have the freedom of sharing on social media without consequences and risks.” In addition, there are numerous relationships that are put in danger by oversharing thoughts and information.

There are many relationships that are put at risk when individuals post stuff that they should not be sharing on the internet. According to Landman, some people play out their entire romantic life on Facebook or Instagram, sharing explicit information and photos of every interaction. A lot of the time there are people who post on social media just to make someone jealous or expose someone. This demonstrates that romantic relationships along with friendships are put in danger.

There are many reasons in why we do not have the freedom of expression without repercussions in our personal and/or professional life. The disadvantages that oversharing on social media has revealed that sharing too much is a real threat to an individual’s life and future. Oversharing has proven to be something that people should think twice about doing. As mentioned previously, once something is shared on the internet it stays online forever. It can potentially put a person’s future at risk, put individuals in danger, and can even ruin all types of relationships.