Thoughtful Thursday: Dreams


The Magnet Tribune: Zoer Alvarez

The writer stands behind paper lanterns lit up at night.

Zoe Alvarez , Thougtful Thursday columnist

Dreams are a beautifully strange occurrence in our sleep. Dreams take us to an alternative reality in our own conscience. It’s a place where we can float in the air, gravity not able to pull us down. They are mysterious messages of the mind leaving us trying to decipher everything we witnessed in our dreams come morning time. A place where we see the deepest parts of our minds. A place where secrets and feelings are revealed through its subliminal messages.

Dreams are a mysterious wonder. It’s fascinating that our minds can conjure up such vivid images. The colors are vibrant, the sensations realistic, the vibes genuine. They give us the best of our fantasies. The dark in our dreams is a darkness not seen in our world. The colors and landscapes too perfect to exist. Dreams can be so wonderful we simply wish they would never end. We wake up in the morning cursing the fact that we woke up from such a perfect dream. Wishing we could go back to sleep and continue that delightful dream. Some so magnificent we think about it all day.

Dreams can also be a funny thing. Our subconscious likes to play with us every so often. It likes to put us in awkward situations that we would never do or get ourselves in consciously. We do things we would never do, say, or think yet it’s exactly what we’re doing in our dreams. It makes us wonder why our mind would ever consider doing that.

Dreams can tell you a lot about someone’s life. They tell you how stressed they are at the moment, what has been on their mind lately or for a while, what they long for, or simply what they saw on TV the other day. They are most in tune with how we are and what we feel. Our fears and anxieties take presence in our dreams. It’s our subconscious’ way of reminding us about how stressed we are and what needs to be done. They put us in scenarios that tie back to what tasks we have not yet completed. It gives us something to reflect on the next day.

Write your dreams down when you have the chance. A dream journal helps you reflect on your dreams and find out what your subconscious is trying to tell you. Write down those vivid dreams to remember those details years from now. You’ll find yourself wanting to fall back to sleep just to see what your mind will create next.


Song for today: Red Planet by Alvvays