Thoughtful Thursday: The art of being early


The Magnet Tribune: Zoe Alvarez

The writer’s last morning in Monument Valley.

Zoe Alvarez , Thoughtful Thursday columnist

All my life I’ve lived by my father’s advice: Always be early to any event.

Trust me it has its perks especially when it comes to school. Wake up early to get ready for school, you’d be surprised by how much you can get done. You can pick out a nice outfit, maybe do your make up (for all those who wear makeup of course), make your bed which is something most of us do not do. It gives you time to review and study any exams or quizzes you might have.

You even have time to eat breakfast, another thing most teens hate to do in the morning. Don’t worry I understand what you’re feeling. When I wake up early it gives me plenty of time to get dressed for school, gather all my things without rush, and make some tea for my morning classes. After that, I sit and relax and wait until my father is ready to leave the house.

Get to school early; you’ll find its quite rewarding. Leaving the house early means you get to skip the morning traffic (my father’s favorite part.) Getting to school gives you time to practice (if you’re involved in band or orchestra.) It gives you time to do that homework you didn’t feel like doing last night. Even time to review your homework with your classmates. You have time to hang out with friends until class starts. Enjoy yourself. Soften up with friends and snap out of the “I just woke up” mood. Maybe even eat the school breakfast. Getting to school early gives you time to wake up and relax before class starts. This will help your mind get on task.

One of my father’s rules to live by is always being early to any event unless not necessary (which is rarely.) Everywhere we go we’re either 20 minutes early, half an hour, or even an hour early depending on the event. These can be practices, meetings, concerts, and more.

Whenever there is a school event or meeting my father likes to arrive at the event with 20 minutes to spare. It helps avoid traffic and gets us there on time. When it comes to school meetings, we are usually the first ones there. This has its perks too. There is a variety of choices where to sit. We tend to lean towards sitting in the front.

We even have time to speak to the people we need or ask questions before the meeting actually starts. For school performances, the leaving early concept applies as well. Leaving early means we can find parking in the crowded parking lots, something both my parents are quite fond of. Leaving early also means we get to sit in the front row or close to watch and record the performance. Everything can be seen up close.

Whenever we go to concerts you can bet we’re there early. Depending on who we see is the time we get there. Leaving early to a concert means shorter lines. Wait in a short line to scan your ticket and get in. The lines will also be shorter in the merchandise tables. We always get tour shirts and like to check out what cool merchandise the band has. Once we buy our tour shirts we get to our seats and wait comfortably for the show to start. There are fewer worries when you arrive early to a concert.

There is a guarantee that you can get your tour shirt, the show won’t begin, and you have your seats. Do not worry the wait is not tedious. As soon as you’re seated you have the opportunity to use the restroom before the show. You get to sit and people watch, something I love to do when I go to concerts. Like I mentioned before, leaving early depends on who you’re going to see. For Depeche Mode in San Antonio at the AT&T Center, we left about an hour early. There was no need due to the fact that we had reserved seats, the arena was only a good half an hour away, and we still managed to get our tour shirts. For more about this concert click here.

For our Twenty One Pilots concert, well that’s a different story. We arrived at that concert a couple of hours early. This concert was general admission. 9,000 people went to that concert. The line to get in was nearly a mile long that snaked along the outdoor venue. We still managed to get our tour shirts and we were pretty close. For more about this concert click here. It all depends on the concert and who’s performing. Base the time you have to leave on the band or artist and how popular they are.

I take this advice to heart. It’s a life skill I believe everyone should have. I thank my father for implementing this in my life and making it a part of my mentality.