Experiences: An eye opener to a friend


The Magnet Tribune: Aryanna Rodriguez

A colon cancer patient rests in her hospital room on Christmas Day.

Lucero Rea, Experiences columnist

Life is full of happiness and tears, be strong and have faith.

Expect the unexpected is something we should all keep in mind, things can change in an instant without even thinking it will.

My friend and her family were planning on spending Christmas and New Year’s Eve at their house like they do so every year; unfortunately, this did not happen. Instead, she spent both of these holidays at the hospital. She was there the whole day, from getting there in the morning to just going back home to get some sleep at night.

They say that nothing is inevitable until it happens and it is true but you can always try to get the best outcome nonetheless. There is no certain limit, only one you give yourself.

She entered the hospital room like usual and her family was there, everyone was quiet.

Her mom was diagnosed with the unexpected colon cancer, around mid-December, when they had thought it was only a twisted intestine. She was trying to be as strong as possible so that her mom wouldn’t worry but in reality down for what the diagnostic ended up being.

Things can change in an instant without even thinking it will.”

— Lucero Rea

The news saddened mostly everyone from the family. Whenever someone hears the word cancer they automatically think of struggle; however, like I had mentioned before nothing is inevitable but you can always reshape the outcome.

My friend’s mom is the perfect example of someone that didn’t give up and nowadays doesn’t. She was on chemo about 8 months, and not being able to go to work as much as she use to before. In spite of that she never brought herself down.

Her mom fought for the best outcome for herself by battling her cancer with the help of her family and doctors. #hope