The Bug: The end has finally gotten here — I now present you the graduating class of 2016

Martha Inguanzo, The Bug Columnist

The day we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. There won’t be any more “I’m getting to class late today.” There isn’t going to be any “today I’m not going.” We are a couple of days away from entering the real world. We are on our own now, and you are about to lose a lot of your so-called “friends”.

These four years of high school experience have been really tiring, stressful and exciting. We have gone through so many tough stages and have managed to get out of all of them. These years have been simply filled with tears of sadness and joy, unforgettable laughs, and so many moments shared with the most amazing people that have stood by me since day one.

I remember one certain class that I was actually looking forward too, guess what class it was? Exactly, that class that you can write your feelings out on a different persona and take out your stress by simply writing. Writing about things that interest you and also writing things that you will never forget. Writing so people can hear you out. Writing so people can actually know what life is really like. Writing so teenagers can understand what is right from wrong.

Being at VMT has been literally a pleasure. You get to know people from other schools. You get to see how students express themselves and they don’t judge you. One last thing that you get to see is that you meet that friend that will even become your best friend and see how he/she sticks with you since the beginning.

I remember like if it was just yesterday that our 2nd-grade teachers asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. Many students yelled out a bunch of stuff; I said nurse. I remember how before we left middle school they asked us again what we were planning to study for. Again there were so many different answers; I again said nurse.

Now that we have a couple of days of high school left I’m still confident that I want to become a nurse. But, I see so many things and I want to try them all. Now is the time to make mistakes and actually learn from them. Do things you’ve never done, either, whether it is with someone or by yourself. Go ahead and travel as much as you want so you can explore the world and see what you are about to go into.

But, I see so many things and I want to try them all. Now is the time to make mistakes and actually learn from them. Do things you’ve never done, either it is with someone or by yourself. ”

— Martha Inguanzo

Here’s to the people that stood by me since day one. Here’s to my best friend Susana Ginez for pushing me to do everything, for pushing me to come to class, for helping me with the assignments I didn’t understand and for standing by me since day 1. Here’s for all the teachers that had to keep us in their class no matter how mad they were. Here’s to the counselors that heard us out on our toughest moments. Here’s to our parents for waking us up every morning. Here’s to all those sleepless nights we had. Here’s for all the coffees in the morning. Here’s to all the sweat, laughs, broken hearts, food, tears, and music.

Here’s for our high school years that have come to an end.

Wish the class of 2016 the best in life and may God guide wherever it is that you all end up.

Thank you, graduating class of 2016.

It was a pleasure growing up with you all.