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Opinion: Society has the option of abortion

April 11, 2016


To be pro-choice is to believe that a woman has the right to control her own body, have the right to end a pregnancy and favoring the legalization of abortion. Whereas pro-life is the belief that a fetus should be born despite any challenges or concerns. Nowadays, the nation is almost evenly divided between those who do and don’t think abortion should be legal.

Personally, I am pro-choice. I believe a woman has the right to decide whether she will or will not conceive a child. As society progresses and modernizes itself throughout the years, women have been able to gain equality and rights. To keep abortion legalized would be another step towards obtaining another right that women deserve. A legal abortion might be needed when it comes to certain situations. For example, if a young girl was raped and left pregnant, the young girl wouldn’t be able to handle a situation like that. A baby demands attention and money; something a family with an unexpected baby could not deliver. In this situation, it would be best to terminate the pregnancy. However, I do not think every abortion is okay. If a woman is constantly having children and keeps having abortions, I do not think it would be fine in this situation. I do think abortion should be legal, but not to the point where woman can take advantage of this right.

Furthermore, many would argue that abortion would bring upon more problems to a woman’s body than it would solve, when in fact less than 0.3% of pregnancies have complications. Most people have come to believe that an abortion would increase a woman’s chance of having breast cancer. This is not the case though, it has been found that having an abortion has no correlation to getting breast cancer.

To keep abortion legalized does not only mean to keep the practice legal, but to make it accessible as well. However, a recent Texas law that was proposed and enacted has shut down about half of all abortion clinics in Texas, making it harder than ever for women in Texas to have abortions performed. This is taking a step backwards. Women should have the right to access an abortion clinic and shouldn’t have to go through even more trouble to access one.

It’s happened before, when a young girl or woman wants to get an abortion but can’t because there is not a hospital to accept her to make the abortion possible. For abortion to truly be legal, more clinics and/or hospitals have to be constructed in order for women to have the abortion that is needed.

One cannot control what a woman can and can’t do with their own body. If a woman decides it is truly necessary to terminate a pregnancy, I believe they have all the right to do so. This is just my opinion. So, are you pro-life or pro-choice?


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Abortion should be more widely available to teens

I am pro-abortion for many reasons. Negatives are outweighed by the good it does for the people of the United States and third world countries. My main reason for being pro-abortion is the fact that it keeps teens from becoming parents when they probably aren’t ready to raise a child. They are kids themselves; how can they raise a child on minimum wage?

Abortion keeps the world from getting overpopulated as well. It helps prevent people from going into poverty due to the amount of money it costs having a child, especially at a young age with a minimum wage job that pays barely enough to make it alone. The U.S economy could benefit due to fewer people needing benefits and other programs because they won’t  have children at a young age.   The economy is of huge importance, and keeping people out of poverty should be a main priority of the U.S government.

An argument against having an abortion is that every human being should be considered equal, but people that are pro-life may not know that clinics have certain regulations so that when they conduct the abortion they aren’t killing something that can be considered a living human being. In my opinion, abortion should be widely available due to teens under the age of 18 having babies. In my opinion, it’s just wrong because teens, being kids themselves, leaves them unprepared to raise a child on their own.

People do not realize the great responsibility of raising a child, so if someone is not old enough or responsible enough to raise a child they shouldn’t have one. People have left their child in an orphanage at times because they feel like they can’t accept responsibility as a parent, so if they aren’t giving a child a fair chance as being their own the two shouldn’t have ever conceived a child to begin with.

Having a child is something that people should do when they are older as well as when they have an above minimum wage job to start raising a family.  Life is essential and it should be taken into  consideration so when people against abortion say it has the right to live, well, what’s a life worth living if you have nothing to live for?

Weighing all the good and bad, my opinion, is that being pro-abortion is the better choice to make because it offers many advantages that outweigh the disadvantages.

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