Waffle Iron: The clown prince of crime

Art work by Edwin Villanueva

The Magnet Tribune: Edwin Villanueva

Art work by Edwin Villanueva

Hello, my name is The Joker. You may also know me as the clown prince of crime.

I used to be a normal person but after having my wife killed and being thrown to a chemical container I started to look great having green hair with green eye color and white pale skin and also for my purple three-piece suit.

I started to get known for my crimes and for my personality. I’m always doing crimes for fun and also known for making people kill their love ones.

People suffering is my fun game, but I like to play more with my arch-nemesis known as the Batman. I’m always making him suffer more than anyone else.

I try to put smiles on people faces. Having a permanent smile on my face with scars is the greatest laugh that I could ever have. I’ll put a smile in that face of yours the next time you feel sad. Oh, and I always have some few tricks up my sleeve.