Observations: An encyclopedia of my ordinary life

Delilah Gonzalez, Observations

This is an encyclopedia of my ordinary life. In this encyclopedia you will find some of my interests, what makes me who I am, some experiences, and my observations or thoughts.

I did this encyclopedia during the weekend because in my AP English class it was an assignment. I enjoyed doing it because it’s a little about me.

Dancing Like No Ones Watching

 I dance daily, ever since I was 5 years old with music or without. If I have a beat stuck in my head I dance. I like dancing at parties and I don’t mind dancing in public. I dance like no ones watching when music blasts out of a speaker.

Family Is My Priority

 We are a big family I’m the third daughter and I have three sisters. We have laughter and fighting moments. My family is my everything. They are first, over anyone or anything in my life. Family will always be my first priority.

Goals To Achieve

 I dream big, set goals and take action. I have my long-term goal: to go to college, get married, have a big family, and day by day grow old. No goal is too big to achieve.

Like Mother Like Daughter

 Do my hair like mom, do my makeup like mom, dance to any music like mom, use high heels like mom, be strong like mom and be a great friend like mom; all I wanted to do since I was 5. Now I’m 16 and I’m just like my mother. I even have her attitude, too! We are just like mother like daughter.

Live Life Smiling

 Ignore negative comments; forget things that make you frown. “ You Only Live Once, “ Drake says. Live long, love life, and laugh hard. Like my idol Prince Royce says “ Sometimes you have to cry, in order to smile at the end.”

Memorable Moments

 Wake up on a Sunday morning, sun rising and I’m getting things ready. My grand-pop’s and I head to a lake pier to go fishing. I gently grab grand-pops hand and remember priceless moments we spent together. But in that very moment I opened my eyes and whispered “ I love you pops!” and I realize I was living a memorable moment.

Music To My Ears

 Put my headphones on. Turn it up to a country song. I fill my ears with some Luke and Carrie while eating a delicious M&M Mcflurry. Looking outside the window as the sun shines bright and asking myself what would be life without some tunes to turn up.

My Paw-tector & Best friend

 My protector has small paws and barks so loud. He has shiny black hair and brown eyes. He goes everywhere I go like his my shadow. His name is Boi and he is my best friend.

Photography is life

 Focus, snap a shot, check image and repeat. Smiles, Frowns, captured in a camera realize everything in life is a picture. Photography is life.


 I never look back and keep my head up high. I’ve always been strong to take a step and move on. I consider negative thoughts, but at the end prove them wrong. I don’t pray for an easy life, I pray for God to give me strength to conquer a difficult one.