Observations: Traits best friends have in common

Delilah Gonzalez, Observations columnist

Not all the time do best friends have a lot in common, but their trust and love is stronger as they become best friends.

There’s many reasons to keep a best friend, especially if you have a lot in common, like not liking the same people, loving the same type of music or singer, and having a birthday in the same month.

First, I know some friendships that if one friend doesn’t precisely like someone you talk to they’ll be so jealous and would want you to stop talking to them. Some friends don’t really mind if you do talk to the ones they’ve had conflicts with and still talk to you. Also, if both friends happen to dislike someone that makes one thing in common. That’s just the way best friends are.

My favorite common thing is when you and your best friend love the same type of music or singer. Both can talk about his/her performances on the awards shows or videos they saw on YouTube, or alking about the words of lyrics they love the most including their favorite song. Best friends always happen to sing and dance their favorite song together.

It’s so fun having a birthday in the same month. It’s totally a for sure birthday celebration together. They get to hang out to celebrate their birthday and exchange gifts. Not all best friends have the same birth, but if you’re lucky and both have the same birth month and same day it’s something in common that makes that friendship special.

Every friendship is different but my point is that in that every friendship they have at least one thing in common that makes it special.

I have a friendship and we have a lot in common. One thing that makes a great friendship is trust and love that we both have.