Observations: Secrets are meant to be kept

Delilah Gonzalez, Observations Columnist

Secrets should never be shared, especially if told in confidence. If shared, it could lead to unwanted audiences, start rumors, and break up friendships. Secrets are meant to be kept, not shared.

If a secret is given to you it’s the reason for that person trusting you. If he/she tells you “I trust you, please don’t tell anyone,” it’s because he/she doesn’t want anyone to know but only you and wants your confidence.

If you share the secret that’s given to you, you can lose his/her trust and friendship. It’s better to keep a secret than to break a friendship and lose someone’s trust.

In addition, when you share a secret there’s so many people out there that not only want to start rumors, but they also want to hurt you. If you tell the secret you will have rumors spreading about what was told. Whether the secret is good or bad they won’t care because it won’t affect the one spreading the rumor. People use secrets like a weapon to hurt you, especially if it’s very personal.

Also, when a friend shares a personal secret of a friend of theirs it will lead to many unwanted audiences, as it spreads from one person to another. Others can even add something to the secret that isn’t true at all. What if, the secret goes to the ears of the person who you were keeping it away from? Probably his/her parents or even an enemy? That’s the point of a secret: no one else knows about it but you.

Remember, secrets are meant to be kept, not shared. They’re between you and the person you told. I know I wouldn’t say anything, no matter the situation between me and him/her. Secrets revealed can lead you to many consequences but mostly unwanted audiences, rumors started, and broken friendships.