The Bug: Pick up the pieces and move on

Martha Inguanzo, The Bug Columnist

Boys and girls tend to stop believing in love as soon as they get hurt … Let me tell you about a friend of mine. Let’s call her Marlene.

Marlene had gotten hurt once and was afraid to “love” again, but as the time passed she realized that when she said to that person (which during that time he was someone “SPECIAL”) “I love you,” she knew she had made a humongous mistake. Marlene wasn’t just hurting herself, but she was hurting him too… when she told him “I love you” his eyes sparkled and his smile made cars crash. She knew she had ruined his life!

It was her first time lying and she wanted to die!! She decided to just keep going with the flow. She had started gathering feelings for him as the time passed because she had realized how sweet and nice he was but when she was about to start opening her heart … with his man hands he forced it to close, he put chain over chain, lock over lock around it and broke the key with such anger!

She was devastated. She knew she had done wrong at first, but was not expecting to fall down from that beautiful cloud she was on.

They are people, not things.”

— Columnist Martha Inguanzo

He broke her. He knew that with time she was going to give it a try and try to put the key together so she could unlock the locks and remove the chains.

He was smart. He reached into his pocket and boy was it an amazing feeling. He had a spare key! He decided to do her the favor that she was planning to do with time. His hands went slowly to unlock her heart and remove the chains.

She had the chance to do what she had been wanting too before he closed it. The beautiful cloud picked her up again. It was her time to shine! He finished removing the last chain and yanked her heart out.

He kicked it like a soccer player trying to get the last goal so they could win the tournament. He ran after it and picked it up and threw it like a drunk driver would throw his beer bottles. Her heart shattered and all the pieces went different directions. It was going to be impossible for her to find every tiny piece.

Her knowing where her heart had been shattered, she knew that she would have that place in her mind forever.

After months of depression, she decided to take a walk down that path where trillion of pieces of her heart were scattered.

As she would walk down that path, with a microscope she would search for the pieces slowly. Every tiny piece that she found she would pick it up with a glove and put it in a zip-lock bag. She was afraid. She did not want to cut herself and bleed to death.

After months of walking down that same path and picking up the pieces … she was just missing one! The center of her heart … she kept looking for that one special piece, but yet was never found. She gave up! She was tired of walking down that same path!! Suddenly she decided not to look for it anymore; that path was boring already.

Months passed, and a friend told her that he walked down that dreadful path and found something mysterious. He kept it as a secret from her. He didn’t give her any hint of what it was. Too bad she thought, she couldn’t force him to tell her what he had found that was so “mysterious.” They started talking more and more every day. She started to like him.

When she would talk to him, she would feel some type of way. She would mention how his voice was fascinating. How his eyes were amazing. How he would brighten up her day with the beautiful, amazing, spectacular words he would tell her. How the way that he would express himself was perfect. His personality was just marvelous she thought. Everything about him was just wow! He would make her feel wanted again.

She was scared though. Marlene thought that if she would tell him about the feeling she had towards him that he was going to do the same thing that the other one did. One day that they were talking on the phone and she decided to tell him all the feelings that she had towards him. He was speechless. She thought to herself that she had made the biggest of the biggest mistakes ever in her entire life! She was afraid that he was going to hang up. Delete her number. Block her from Facebook. Block her number from his phone. Anything possible to get rid of her.

Boy was she wrong! He was proud and excited of what she had told him. She had no reason to be scared anymore. She was still a bit nervous though. That same day, he spilled the beans. He told her everything. All his feelings towards her. What he liked about her. What he disliked about her. Everything, everything! Man was she lucky that he had the same feelings towards her. She thought to herself, that they were perfect for each other!! Knowing each other’s feelings just made everything even better than it already was!

They became boyfriend and girlfriend. Made a deal that they wouldn’t hide anything from each other. No secrets. No regrets. That they weren’t going to listen to anything that anybody said. It was just going to be us two against the world. Becoming boyfriend and girlfriend was the best thing ever.

One day he told her that he had a surprise for her. She was excited to see what it was. He showed her an x-ray of his heart and the missing piece of her heart was there. He completed her. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to her and she wouldn’t change him for anything.

He listens to her. He understands her. He gives her advices. He’s the best boyfriend anyone can ever ask for. She’s glad that god brought him into her life and she wants him to stay with her forever.

Not everyone thinks how they think. He’s her other half. He was made for her. After so many months of depression and having her heart closed, she finally decided to open it.

She doesn’t regret it at all whatsoever. He makes her realize that not everyone is the same. It just takes time to find the right person. You’ll find that person eventually though and realize that love really exists. Just be patient and don’t rush into things. And remember to treat the person that you are with nicely. They are people, not things. Not just because you are going out with means that you have the right to abuse of them and do whatever you want with them.