Fashion Hallway: Body modifications, tattoos and piercings


The Magnet Tribune: Elizabeth Flores and Jessica Arroyo

MT photos by Elizabeth Flores and Jessica Arroyo Top left: septum piercing, top right: cartilage piercing, Middle left: waist tattoo, Middle right: belly button piercing, bottom: gauges, second and third holes.

Guys, we’re glad to announce that we’re in our last few days of high school, which means we are passing down the fashion column to another fanatic of fashion. Now don’t be sad, this is not a goodbye but a see you soon, hopefully to help those in need for fashion advice. So here goes the last column Jessica and Elizabeth will be writing. So, let’s finish this year off with a BANG!

This last column will be about the one topic that usually excites the elderly… tattoos. And why you ask? Well because it’s a big fuss for the society nowadays. Some considered it disgusting while some call it art.

We believe it’s a way to express our feelings and thoughts. Guys, it’s our bodies, our feelings and expressions, so it’s our decision whether to have a tattoo or an extra piercing. This column will not only be how society thinks of inking and drilling the body being a negativity but what you should think about before making the final decision to get it or not.


Tattoos: Never believe someone when they say you shouldn’t get it because it’s inappropriate. Remember, it’s your choice and you can get whatever you want. However, you should have an open mind because tattoos are permanent.

I believe that a girl always has that rebel side of herself, that side that just one person gets to see and a hidden tattoo is what’s perfect for that rebel-yet-nice girl. Something small and cute is what you should get. Any place would be nice. I recommend the waist, in back of the ear, or on the ankle. A little sign that means something to you would do.

For those girls that don’t mind the attention and want to express themselves with ink over their bodies then go for it. We recommend any part of the arm would be a good place to show off, whether it’s the inner arm or just the bicep. Quotes or a plain word is what a girl tends to get as her first tattoo.

What are popular now are the sunflowers, dream catchers, and the infinity sign tattoos, which are super cute, but I recommend you only get them if you really like them.

Now if you’re a little daring like Jessica, you’ll get something a little more daring. Right now her mind is set on getting a tattoo of the Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Crazy, right? But hey, it’s what she wants.


Tattoos can be anything you want as long as you’re doing them for you. Please, for the love of everything, do NOT get the name of your boyfriend or your girlfriend. EVER. I don’t care if you’re married. Don’t do it. You can get the names of your children since of course … they’re children.


I myself am a huuuge fan of body modifications. I as of right now have a total of eight piercings. I have my first holes as gauges. I wear 00 sized plugs. On top of those I have my second and third holes pierced with normal ear ring studs. I have my belly button pierced and my septum pierced.

For those of you that don’t know what a septum piercing is, it’s a nose piercing through the little sack of skin in between your nostrils. I still plan on getting more piercings. I’m working on getting my tongue and double nostril piercings, which I hope to get after graduation.

Body modifications are becoming a huge trend every day. You see more people stretching their earlobes, piercing their face, and getting tattoos.

I personally see nothing wrong with it since most of the members in my family have tattoos and piercings. It’s just something that I’ve grown up with. It’s a way of expressing who I am and where I come from. I don’t do it to rebel from anyone; I do it because I want it.

Never let anyone tell you can’t get something. Unless it’s your parents, if they say no it’s a no… unless you’re like me and get them anyway. Just make sure they don’t see them!


Piercings is a whole different thing. I personally don’t like gauges but I don’t think they’re gross; it usually depends on how big you stretch them. When you have a small head it doesn’t look good to get those huge holes in your ear. Try not to gauge them twice, which look tacky. Other than that any other ear piercing is fine as long as it’s small. Having a bunch is nice especially if you like showing off your ears. One of my favorite is the industrial piercing. I myself wouldn’t get it since my ear is too small but they look cute.

Face piercings as in the mouth, eyes, nose, and cheek area are also nice. Just try to not over exaggerate with putting too many. Personally the ones I like are the nose piercing and the labret (which is one anywhere on the bottom of the lip, above the chin).

There are many ways that you can express yourself; piercings and tattoos happen to be a few of them. Everyone has opinions and not everyone agrees with tattoos and opinions, but they are a quickly escalating trend. Don’t let anybody tell you what you can and can’t do. Just remember to keep being you.