Adie Thinks: People should stop judging people by their age; age does not determine maturity

I really dislike how people judge a person by their age.

“Oh you’re just sixteen. What problems do you have going on, or what do you have to worry about? You’re careless and reckless.” Well STRANGER, you do not know my life nor do you know what responsibilities I have.

Tell me is it easy for someone to juggle high school (including all the extra work done and homework and extra activities we do to try to get colleges to notice us), juggling not one but two jobs, having to run errands for family, and have to baby sit two girls (which means feeding, washing clothes, bathing, helping with homework, and putting to bed). Now you tell me, does that sound like “teenage” things to do? NO.

Teenagers now, and not all but maybe half or less, aren’t “party animals.” Some of us work for the family, or struggle to support our own kids. Our way of living is way different from when older people were our age; a lot has changed since then.

Don’t get me wrong. I know there are certain things that we cannot do or say, but also, don’t judge us/ treat us as if we are children because some of us matured way too quickly and some of us teenagers face the same problems adults do.

Teenagers aren’t all the same, so when you hear on the news that “some teen was in an accident for being under the influence,” do not think that that is all teenagers think about or want to try because we don’t all think about that stuff. Some of us are struggling to do our best in what we do because we want a better future.

One thing that really gets me angry is when people think all teenagers are “irresponsible.” Just the other day I went to the library and wanted to get a library card, so they had no problem with it, that is until I gave them my ID and they returned it and said, “Oh sorry, you need a parent to be with you.” I was just furious and baffled because they gave me a BANK ACCOUNT without my parents, but they couldn’t give me a library card? That’s just dumb if you ask me.

Another thing is how people have such a huge problem when a 17 year old and a 19 year old want to date. I had a friend who was going to be 17 within the next two months and her boyfriend just turned 19, and everyone judges and talks nonsense about how it is wrong. Honestly tell me and explain to me, what is going to be so different in two months besides her age? Tell me, is she supposed to experience like an epiphany or something that is going to make her more “adult like” or something? Because I don’t believe anything is going to change within the next two months besides her age. So why is it that when those two months it would be right for them to be together but not to months before? I honestly find that ridiculous.

I feel that society has just revolved around the immature teens and blames teens in general for others mistakes. Everyone needs to realize that were not all the same, some of us may even be as mature as you are, your just too stereotypical to realize is. So hear me out here when I say, stop judging us and try to see that life isn’t easy for all of us, and the troubles in life may get to us at an early age, so instead of judging us, try to help us with supporting words and not dumb judgments.