Clown sightings create disruptions throughout country

Irene Alegria, Staff Writer

Updated October 24.

The clown threats and sightings are not something that people aren’t aware of.

The clown sightings started as early as August of this year in Greenville, South Carolina. Several children in the area had reported to authorities that these creepy clowns had tried to lure them into the woods with money.

Now months after the first clown sightings have surfaced they are being reported in almost every state. Sightings have also been reported in Canada and Brazil as the media has covered the stories more.

There have been sightings in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and many more.”

Many of the sightings are posted on social media accounts. Whether what they post is real or not it does get a lot of attention since they are becoming more frequent.

In Laredo, United ISD police arrested a boy on Thursday, October 6 they say is responsible for posting a bomb threat.

A 12-year-old student who attends a South Laredo UISD school has been held accountable for the threat posted on October 1.

The student has since been charged with a third degree felony, making a terroristic threat, according to the Laredo Morning Times.

Police accuse the student of writing, “We going to LOMS next y’all should get ready it gonna be hella lit,” LMT said in October 7’s paper.

LMT said LOMS stands for Los Obispos Middle School.

UISD Police Chief Clemente Camarillo said the boy was the only one involved in the bomb threat.

He told LMT that the student was not part of the Facebook page called “Gropo Gonzalez” which has made threats to LISD schools. He said the boy was involved with a page called “Smokeyy the Clown.”

Due to recent events the Laredo Independent School District has been hiring more security at their schools, television news report said.

When a Facebook account with the name “Gropo Gonzalez” posted a list of LISD schools that it said were going to be targets the district went immediately on high alert.

The post that was uploaded to Gropo Gonzalez Sunday evening has since been deleted but the Laredo Police Department and LISD were not taking a threat like this lightly.

In addition to the higher number of security guards and police at schools the search for the person whom posted the threat was also underway.

This online threat caused 250 students to miss school the following Monday, October 4, according to LMT and brought the rumors to the classrooms with students who resumed school Tuesday being curious as to whether or not the threat is true. A normal day of absences is about 125, the paper said.

Therefore, on Wednesday, October 5, LISD emailed all employees of the district that no Halloween masks or costumes will be allowed and if someone doesn’t comply, whether it be a student or worker, they will be sent home.

“In light of the recent events threats made against our schools, we are focusing on the safety and security of our children and staff,” the email read.

There have been sightings in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and many more. Arrests have also been made in Arizona, Oregon, North and South Dakota and more according to Business Insider.

Other states like Texas and California have not had sightings or arrests but have had school lockdowns and attempted kidnappings.

In the Southern California city of Temecula some sightings have been reported on social media. Although there have been no reports according to a television news report.

All of these sightings have seriously impacted the way people see clowns, even the “good” ones.

Due to the kind of media coverage this is getting those who are clowns for a living whether they attend parties or school activities are now at risk of going out of business an article stated.