Teen finds home in Kpop music

Salma Silva, Staff Writter

Jenni Zavala, an 18 year old who lives in Houston, discussed how her K-idols have influenced her life.

There is nothing wrong if you’re suddenly more appreciative of a culture and its beauty because of a foreign group.”

— Jenni Zavala

Zavala used to be very limited in the world of social media until she started being more interested in pop culture.

By getting into music artists and following more of what they do, Jenni has learned about their culture as well.

For example, Zavala is a huge fan of Kpop; she feels like she has learned so much about Asian cultures that she didn’t know about before.

“I am able to learn more about different cultures and I believe it’s really helpful because life is too short to not expand your surroundings,” she said

Zavala said that she is currently trying to learn Korean to connect more with her idols. Many of these Korean artists interact with fans a lot but she feels left out not knowing what exactly they are saying.

She studies the language by using apps on her phone and even asks friends that live in Korea for help.

“These guys do so much for us and it just makes me feel better that I’m learning a new language for them,” Zavala said.  She hopes learning a new language will also be beneficial in the future for traveling and such.

“There is nothing wrong if you’re suddenly more appreciative of a culture and its beauty because of a foreign group,” Zavala said.

Aside from her parents being one of her motivations to finish school, these idols are as well.

“I want to overcome the stereotype that adults have about fangirls, which is that we focus too much on our boys instead of school, Zavala said.

Many of the boys in Kpop groups finish high school or college despite having extreme busy schedules.

“It shows that there is no excuse to not finish my education and I know if they saw how far I could achieve they’d be extremely proud,” she said.

There is an unexplainable feeling that Zavala has whenever she watches her idols perform and smile. She says it helps to look at videos of them to forget about struggles or to stop being overwhelmed.

Zavala will continue to support and admire these artists for a very long time because they really have taken a huge part in her life.