Laredo woman reminisces on her successful family


The Magnet Tribune: courtesy photo

Juliet Averitt, a member of prominent Laredo family, described her family’s stores in a recent interview.

Alehtze Martinez, Staff Writer

“Anything is possible if you push yourself to your goal, never give up,” Juliet Averitt, said about her father’s drive for success.

For older Laredoams, remember those really popular stores Cindy and Ricardo’s, Santos Department, Rio Family Center, and the most importantly of all The River Drive Mall?

Ever wonder how they came to be? What obstacles did the person overcome?

Averitt is a resident at Regent Care Center. She’s the daughter of Vicente Garza, owner of those well know stores and mall. Averitt looks back into to when her father struggle to become where he was at.

Garza was a Mexican immigrant who fixed his immigration papers, he came into the United States with a dream of becoming a business man. After he fixing his immigration papers to become a US Citizen. He worked at the bridge collecting money from the people coming into the US. While at that he started inventing his own products, he never gave up even if his products failed, he continued to try.

Anything is possible if you push yourself to your goal, never give up.”

— Juliet Averitt

Averitt remembered how no one believed in her father, but that didn’t stop him from following his dreams. Said that he did everything in the possible way to get him where he wanted to be at. That he was determined to have his own successful business.

Don’t ever stop believing, always fight for what you want,” Averitt said.

After finally accomplishing his goal Vicente open his first store Cindy and Ricardo’s, that one store lead him to success. This store made him big. Cindy and Ricardo’s was a store where they sold very expensive clothes, it had all the trending high fashion clothes. Averitt and her family used to travel to New York, Los Angeles, and to Dallas to the fashion shows. And bought all the high end clothes to Cindy and Ricardo’s. Cindy and Ricardo’s was basically Laredo’s Macy’s back then.

After opening Cindy and Ricardo’s, Garza open more successful stores such as Santos Department, Rio Family Center, River Drive Mall, also building and taking a part of the Hilton Hotel. He had completing made his dream come true. He had become the very well-known business man he plan on becoming. All because he never gave up always fought for what he dreamed of. All his stores where favored by many from here and Nuevo Laredo.

Averitt explained how she enjoyed working with her father.

“The most I ever enjoyed was getting to travel to Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York. Getting to go to all the fashion shows, meeting new people. It was such a wonderful experience for me especially since I was a teenager. It was a like a dream come true. It was just so pure and beautiful,” Averitt said.

Don’t ever stop believing, always fight for what you want.”

— Juliet Averitt

Averitt remembers how all these stores were really popular between 1980-1990. Said how all of the Laredo and Nuevo Laredo people loved the stores. How every weekend was the busiest for them, that’s when all the families went out and shopped.

Averitt reminisces on growing up with her successful family.

“My father Vicente taught me and my siblings to just push ourselves to become who we want. Because anything is possible, just to keep trying and to never give up,” She said.  “Now look at us, everyone in my family became successful. We all have some sort of business or own part of a business. I forever will look up to and thank my father for pushing me and my siblings to be successful, for always believing in us and never gave up.”

Averitt gave the best advice she can ever give to someone.

“Is be sure of yourself, always think through and always make things work,” she said. “If the things don’t work, just push yourself and keep trying never give up. You’ll find a solution to your problems. Always believe in yourself, because anything is possible and you will amount to anything you set yourself up to. Always fight for your dreams.”