Theater student enjoys performing at home school and VMT


The Magnet Tribune: courtesy photo

Abbigail Villanueva participates in theater at her home school and at VMT.

Marlene Garcia, Staff Writer

Abbigail Villanueva was a shy person before joining theater and now she’s a most sociable person.

Villanueva is senior whose home school is Cigarroa and she attends Vidal Trevino for theater arts.

She is in five clubs at Cigarroa: Toro Art club, Library Club, U.I.L One Act Club, HOSA, and National Honor Society. She’s in the top 5 students at Cigarroa.

Villanueva explains which club she enjoys the most.

“The club I enjoy the most is U.I.L One Act Play,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva explained how she began with this adventure.

“I started with curiosity attending one of the rehearsals. My friend was there so I decided to stay,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva explained how she improved after joining the club.

“I started being an alternate, meaning I would substitute for the kids who were absent. Recently we went to competition out of town and now I was the stage manager of the play that I had to have everything ready. The stage manager has a lot of responsibilities and so it helps me to be more responsible for school work, and (with) responsibilities at home,” Villanueva said.

Her attendance at rehearsal become something she enjoyed.

“One week passed by and all the drama that was used in the play, the dressing up, and the plays got super interesting. I started to enjoy being there. The effort each and every student put into the character they were performing was so amazing. At the beginning it was something I was doing just because but then it turned to something I really like and enjoy doing,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva explained what this club expects of a student.

“This club needs a lot of determination and effort. Our practices start at 4 p.m. and end around 8 p.m. Monday-Sunday,” she said.

Villanueva explained what competition is like.

“When we go to competition first we practice the play and then we start to dress up and do our makeup. We have 7 minutes to practice and accommodate our stuff, 40 minutes to do the play and if we go more than the time required, we’re disqualified. At the end we have 7 minutes to put away everything,” Villanueva said.

She explained how her Cigarroa theater art teacher helps them.

I started with curiosity attending to one of the rehearsals.”

— Abbigail Villanueva

“Something that has helped us a lot is that our teacher is very supportive. She helps us in every aspect like when we can’t pronounce a word or when we need help with our costumes, dresses, and makeup,” she said. “All of this gave me a push to join theater arts at Vidal Trevino.”

She explained how theater has helped her.

“All of this has helped me a lot to communicate easier,” she said.

Her friend Zambia Garcia has seen Villanueva progress since joining theater.

“We have seen her grow. Abby was a shy, quiet person and now she’s more like a talkative person,” Garcia said.

Now Villanueva mind has changed and she even encourages shy kids to join theater arts.

“I think that even if you’re a reserved person and you’re shy you should try it. Just try it, you never know if you’re going to like it,” Abby said. “Most of the people in theater club are shy but they’re so communicative when playing a role.”

Villanueva explained how theatre would open new doors for the future.

“One of my options for college is theater arts and for sure I’m going to take that chance,” Villanueva said.