High school students experience happiness in a variety ways


The Magnet Tribune: Javier Rodriguez

Vale Hernandez, left, and Daniel Rodriguez and find happiness in activities they take part in at their homes.

Javier Rodriguez, Staff Writer

“I’ve experienced happiness in many different ways and some stays the same,” Daniel Rodriguez, sophomore said.

Daniel has played games since the age of four. And his passion for video games hasn’t changed when the years went by.

“My first game was Call Of Duty 4 and I enjoyed it. Because I like how the game played and everything was enjoyable to play and watch. But I bought more games since there are more to experience,” Rodriguez said.

He has also played on different consoles such as Xbox and even PlayStation. But he also played more on the computer.

“I like to play on consoles since they have different games and some are exciting to play,” Rodriguez said.

I’ve experienced happiness in many different ways and some stays the same.”

— Daniel Rodriguez

At the age of 15, he started to play more on the computer than the consoles.

“I’ve played more on the computer since the games I liked and really enjoyed spending my time on it,” Rodriguez said.

Even though Daniel likes to play games he also enjoys spending time with his friends.

“I have friends that share my interests. So my friends and I go to many places around my school to have fun.” Rodriguez said.

Usually, they have hangouts after school and sometimes stay in the band hall to spend time.

“I have hangouts mostly in my house because I have more games and other activities to do,” Rodriguez said.

“I mostly hangout in the band hall because before practice we go to McDonald’s and eat and sometimes eat in the kids area. And after practice we sit and talk and sometimes we even play football,” Rodriguez said.

They also had an end of the year trip to Houston and they went to NASA and in the hotel they hangout until morning came.

“One time we stayed at the hotel and we watched movies and got room service to spend the night. By 3 am we played UNO until we got tired and decided to call it a day,” Rodriguez said.

When at NASA they messed around since they were in the back of the group and knew they wouldn’t get caught.

“When we were at NASA we joked around and made jokes because we were getting bored. After the visit, we went to Golden Corral and ate there and we talked about how their trip was going,” Rodriguez said.

Vale Hernandez, a freshman, is another teen that happiness has been with him at the age of six.

“I’ve found happiness at an early age because on my birthday I got a German shepherd. I liked him because he was both active and fun. I like spending time outside since I had many balls to play with him, Hernandez said.

Mostly after school, he comes home to his dog excited and ready to play. So when Vale has dinner he goes outside to start to teach tricks.

“Sometimes after school, I go to my backyard and spend an hour teaching him tricks and when the sun starts to go down I head back inside and call it a day.

By the time he was 10, his dog had learned many tricks that many of his family was impressed by the amount of time he put in after school.

“I really started to waste my time that my dog has been trained to the limit that no matter what I do he’ll understand what I’m saying,” Hernandez said.

As much as he enjoys spending time with his dog he also likes to spend time with his family.

“I always like to go to events because I like to socialize with others and play with my cousins,” Hernandez said.

Vale also enjoys hangouts with his cousins because he enjoys the company and has many activities to do.

“I enjoy having people over at my house because my house is a center of attention. And I play with my cousins since they enjoy what I like to do,” Hernandez said.

Mostly they go to every family event since they have extended family to see since they only see them once a year.

“We go to Rio Bravo it’s a city in Mexico and we stay there for two days. We have a family reunion and it’s a once a year thing so it’s important that we go,” Hernandez said.