Not So Sour leaves a sweet taste with fans

The Magnet Tribune: Courtesy photo
Kevin Sosa, left and Jose Limon pose for their profile photo used on SoundCloud.

Lizeth Gutierrez, Staff writer

Their duo leaves a “Not So Sour” feeling with their fans.

Seniors Kevin Sosa and Jose Limon who attend Martin High School share on their music duo named Not So Sour.

Both shared on how they came up with their group name.

“It’s an, I guess you can call it, an inside joke since my last name is Limon and Limon tastes sour and Kevin brought a sweet sign of not so sour,” Limon said.

Limon shared that his passion for music all started when they would freestyle in the bus during their band trips.

Kevin was introduced to rapping his freshman year and from that moment he started writing.

Both students met through band where Kevin played tuba and Jose percussion.

“I and Limon came across through band and we started freestyling in the bus and we both liked it so decided to start this,” Sosa said.

They have known each other for two years but have been talking and working together for nine months.

“I think by now we have known each other for about two years but of talking is like nine months,” Limon said.

I think the message I am trying to convey is just pretty much do what you want but have fun doing it and don’t hurt others in the process.”

— Jose Limon

On stage, they go by “Joli” and “SØSA.”

The message they are trying to give out is to live life how you want it.

“I think the message I am trying to convey is just pretty much do what you want but have fun doing it and don’t hurt others in the process,” Limon said.

Limon works and puts together the beats in the music.

“I mean I just do it in the moment. I just visualize whatever I want or I see myself performing it and if I like it I just go with it,” Limon said.

Both individually write their own lyrics. When writing their lyrics they focus on the moment and what they feel speaking about.

“The moment whatever we are going through or whatever we just feel like speaking about is our inspiration,” Limon said.

Limon shares that his favorite song is “Need,” which both collaborated on.

“Need is my favorite song since it’s where I express some of my realest feelings. It comes one meaning to me, young but real love. A beautiful experience I wish everyone could live,” Limon said.

Sosa also shared that his favorite song “Need” as well.

“I tried to portray true feelings into the lyrics. Me and Joli were oddly given a chance at love around the same time. I personally wrote my lyrics taking a risk to prove (to) the girl that I was being sincere about what my heart wanted not knowing if she would believe me or think I’m weird for making a song for someone I didn’t know. I look back every time I hear the song play and see how happy me and my brother are, and I blame it on the universe. It will give back to you, that’s why I think it’s important to spread love and true feelings and glad we were able to do that with our song ”Need,” Sosa said.

They don’t really have a fan base but have really great friends who support them.

“I’d said not a fan base but a group of really supportive friends,” Limon said.

The duo’s genre could be known as hip hop.

“We base around hip hop itself because it has a bunch of genres to it,” said Limon.

Both tend to see what the future holds for them and still see each other working together.

The duo releases their music on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Listen to Not So Sour: