A Houston boxer gives USA team some “Effect”

The Magnet Tribune: courtesy of Ephraim Bui
Effect poses in the team USA facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Jovan Contreras, Staff Writer

A 20-year-old boxer is punching his way through to a spot in the Olympics.

Ephraim Bui was born Dec. 3, 1999, in Virginia. Later his family moved to Sugarland, Texas.

As of April 9, Bui is number 1 in the 108th Division in USA Boxing Elite.

Bui is also known as Ephraim Effect.

“Ephraim Effect is a boxing term and has two meanings,” Bui said.

“This dude hit me a couple of times and couldn’t calculate the number of jabs,” he explained, giving an example.

The other meaning, he said, is “brainwaves of intelligence.”

Perks of being a boxer are being able to go around the state and fighting.”

— Ephraim Bui

Effect described the second term as a “brain surge,” as if something were to click all of a sudden.

His father, Louistien Bui, is a big name in Houston, as two of the number one boxers from Houston were trained by him.

He also coaches his own son.

Louistien has his own gym and partners up with Rudy Silva, his assistant coach.

The gym is known as Elite-Wings like Eagles Boxing Academy, located in downtown Houston.

When Effect is not boxing or training he enjoys food, training other people, and loves to play competitive games.

“Boxing is about hitting and not getting hit, you need to make your punches precise and make sure the land,” Effect said.

Boxing is based on a 5, 10 or 20 point system.

The point systems work in a similar matter.

The matches are judged by three people.

In a 10 point system, the winner of the round gets 10 points while the other fighter gets 9.

For example, if there was a knockdown or a fighter dominated the round it would be scored as 10-9.

If a judge can’t make a decision it would be scored 10-10.

There are four ways a boxer can win a match.

  • Unanimous decision, all three judges score the same boxer as a winner.
  • Split decision, two judges favored a fighter.
  • Majority decision, two judges favored a fighter while the other one scores the match as a draw.
  • The rarest of them all majority draw, two judges scored the match as a draw while the other judge favored a fighter.

There is also a draw, when two of the sides are favored and the third judge scores the match as a draw. Neither boxer wins the match.

Effect found boxing from his father, who started to train him at ages 4 and 5.

What made him get into boxing was around Ephraim’s 8th birthday, when he asked his father if he could take him to the gym.

Being a boxer, Effect said, he always faces complications with overweight.

Boxing has its division by weights of a person.

In this case, Effect must stay and fight with in the Light flyweight which is 108 pounds or 48.99 kilograms.

“Perks of being a boxer are being able to go around the state and fighting,” he said.

As for Effect, he is able to visit the USA Boxing facilities, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

His goals right now are to win both Olympic Qualifiers and Trials (which is the reason he still in amateur boxing) but unsuccessful he will go into professional boxing.

The advice he’d give to a new boxer is to, “Actually want to fight and must have more heart than the other opponent.”

Effect is currently on the USA team but feels the need to move up weight so he can participate in more fights.

What made him be on the USA team was to represent and to have the title to have to prove his worth as a boxer.

His plans for the future are to take part in the Olympics and if not go pro and become a multi-divisional champion.