6th grader enjoys having more freedom in middle school


The Magnet Tribune: Julieta Lopez

Rodrigo Lopez enjoys being a 6th grader at M.B. Lamar Middle School.

Julieta Lopez, Staff Writer

“I like that we can choose our own classes. I get to do what I like to do,” Lopez said.

Sixth-grader Rodrigo Lopez explains how his first year in Lamar Middle School is going so far.

Lopez said he didn’t really enjoy his elementary years because teachers were very strict.

“It was boring because we could only do what the teachers told us to,” Lopez said.

Lopez says that walking in a school with more privileges is pleasant because it feels like an innovative school.

“I like it because it just feels better, it feels like an advanced elementary school,” Rodrigo said.

He also said that he gets more privileges in middle school.

“We have the privilege to sit wherever we want in lunch. That helps me sit next to my friends,” Lopez said.

Lopez said that in middle school homework is much simpler.

“It feels easier. Sometimes the homework in elementary was hard because the teachers didn’t really let us ask questions about the lesson. Now we can ask questions and actually understand what they’re saying,” Lopez said

First days of school tend to be hard, and Lopez’s first day was pretty neurotic, he said.

“I was nervous. There were more than half of the people in my classes that I didn’t know,” Lopez said.

Rodrigo spoke about the things he loved about middle school. One of the things he could do was get the classes he wanted.

“I like that we can choose our own classes, I get to do what I like to do, and for example, I get to choose pre-athletics. That helps me get prepare for sports next year,” Rodrigo said.

Then Rodrigo spoke about the things he disliked, like his classmates’ big attitude.

“I dislike that some kids think they’re so cool; they think they’re mature because they’re in middle school,” Rodrigo said

Lopez explained how he felt about middle school, he said that school is incredible because he’s got his friends on his side.

“I mean yeah I like it, it’s awesome I get to be with my friends they make me feel same and not alone,” Lopez said.

Rodrigo said that there is more food variety in middle school.

“There is a lot more variety of food, the plate they serve that they didn’t give in elementary are the cheese enchiladas, but basically they give us the same elementary food,” Rodrigo said.

Lopez gave advice to future sixth graders. He said there is an abundance of events in middle school.

“You walk, run, exercise, and think way more in middle school, just a little advice,” Lopez said.

Lastly, Rodrigo said that once he’s a seventh-grader he can represent the school’s sports teams.

“We could only play with The Boys and Girls Club in 6th grade,” Rodrigo said. “Starting seventh grade I can do sports and finally play soccer, and hopefully pursue a career.”