Variety marks Instagram’s mood board community


The Magnet Tribune: Courtesy of @satininsatan

This is a mood board by @satininsatan

Modern times has become a society of social media. Instagram is a social platform that is a part of this. Instagram has many communities, from travel, to make up, to art, to celebrities, to food and much more. One community not many people know about is the mood board community. Not to worry, you will be introduced to this community with the help of a mood board account, @sataninsatin.


@Sataninsatin is an Instagram mood board account with over 4k followers. This account is managed by three admin, Izzy, Kaylie, and Catta. Each makes and post mood boards to the account.

Izzy, Kaylie, and Catta run the @sataninsatin mood board account

For all those who are curious, a mood board is an arrangement of clothing, jewelry, food, colors, pictures, and miscellaneous objects to create an aesthetic. They can be based on movies, novels, songs, concepts, aesthetics, people, seasons, and much more. A digital collage if you may. It’s a concept not many of us have heard of. People immediately think of magazine clippings collages but do not know that it can be digital as well.

“You can make anything into a mood board, honestly,” said admin Izzy in a series of messages.

Everyone has a process or a way of doing things. Be music, creating art, or writing. For Izzy, she makes her mood boards by the feels and ambiances she gets from certain topics and ideas. This can be a film, concept, song, or novel.

“I usually make my mood boards from the vibe I get off of the title/theme,” said Izzy.

For Kaylie, there is no typical time frame on how long it takes to create her mood boards. It can go from as little as 20 minutes to over an hour. This all depends on how often she gets distracted or completely starts over.

“It honestly really varies depending on each one,” said admin Kaylie in a series of messages.


Terms used most in the mood board community is the word “png.” A png is/are pictures of any object with their background removed completely.

“Pngs are cut out into items so the backgrounds are gone,” said Catta

There are many places to find and use pngs. Some places you can look are Instagram png accounts and Pinterest. Kaylie used to get her pngs from Instagram accounts that provided pngs but now she sticks to Pinterest.

“I used to get them off png Instagram accounts, but now I use Pinterest,” she said.

Like artists, writers, poets, and more, mood board creators get their ideas from a variety of places. From people to places, to ideas. Catta gets her ideas from everywhere.

“Things I see in my daily life, talking to my friends, Pinterest, and other accounts,” she said.

Along with a flow of creative ideas, mood board creators get inspiration blocks. It happens to the best of artists, musicians, writers, and mood board creators. Izzy has inspiration blocks all the time. She feels uneasy when following what is popular in current trends within the mood board community and often has to come up with original ideas.

“I have to come up original ideas because I feel uncomfortable copying the popular trends in the mood board community, which is kind of hard to do,” said Izzy.

There are times where she finds herself not liking what she’s created.

“A lot of times I feel like my mood board isn’t good enough,” she said.

She is then reassured when her post is liked and given love by other mood board accounts and her followers.

“But then it does really well when I post it and I get inspired again,” she said.

@sataninsatin began a little under a year ago. Since then it has grown. With a fantastic number of 4 thousand followers, the mood board account continues to grow.

“It felt really weird that so many people enjoy what we post but nice,” said Izzy.


This account was made for enjoyment and to promote creativity.

“It’s just for fun and to inspire others,” said Catta

Unlike other mood board accounts, @sataninsatin does not have a posting schedule.

“We post almost daily,” she said.

Three admin makes posting much simpler and less tedious.

“Being three people makes posting frequently much earlier and less stressful for all of us,” she said.

Their current number of likes has increased over the past few months.

“Typical number of likes right now is 1k!” said Catta.

Family and friends knowing about this mood board account vary for each admin.


“I have a few friends who do, and I know other admins do as well, plus some family members like siblings,” said Kaylie.

“My friends know and my sister, I always show her my mood boards before posting them,” said Catta.

For those interested in starting a mood board account, Kaylie has some tips. Follow many other mood board accounts and get involved in mood board collaborations. It helps to get yourself out there and get involved in the community. Who knows, maybe lots of people will like your mood boards!

Comment on other people’s posts, (no self-promotion of course). It helps you interact with other mood board accounts. Be complimenting, mood board requests, or mood board collaborations. Post frequently, this assures that your followers won’t get bored of the same content you’ve had for a while. Trust Kaylie no one likes mood board account hiatus. Last but not least, always use original and artistic ideas. Make your account unique to you! Be theme, color scheme, fonts, types of mood boards and more.

If you’re still feeling about uneasy about joining the mood board community know that it’s a nice place to be creative and express yourself. Kaylie finds that this community is quite encouraging.

“It’s honestly so extremely supportive,” said Kaylie.

Support and inspiration are spread throughout the community, especially through mood board accounts.

“Everyone supports each other, and often gets inspired by each other,” she said.

In this community, people respect originality.

“Everyone gives credit and recognizes each other’s success,” she said.

Kaylie believes that the best part of the mood board community is the encouraging mood board accounts.


“The best part about the community is the support and sharing,” said Kaylie.

It also gives her joy and a sense of enjoyment.

“Everyone is so sweet and participating and it’s what makes this so fun and makes me happy,” she said.

Inspiration is everywhere, it’s also within the mood board community. Kaylie finds it intriguing to see how different mood board creators make mood boards. Whether it be of a show, abstract art, a certain aesthetic, and more. It also helps her get a fresh point of view through other mood board accounts and try out new ideas.

“It’s really interesting to see how people think so differently around mood boards, and different styles and using things I didn’t think of like drawing on the mood board or editing the pictures,” said Kaylie.

Take a look into this new form of digital art. Mood boards really do switch up our take on collages.

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