Laredo man debuts fashion line with a special show

The Magnet Tribune: Mauro Flores
Nasiir Ahmad Shabazz joins the models on the runway to address the audience at his fashion show.

Mauro Flores, Staff Writer

Laredo got a taste of a New York-style fashion line during a fashion show in September by Laredo man.

Entrepreneur, hair stylist, and fashion designer Nasiir A. Shabazz hosted a fashion show on Saturday, September 15, 2018, to celebrate the launch of his new clothing line, Empire Apparel.

Based on an electronic flyer distributed before the show, the “Red Carpet Event” featured free refreshments, live performances, and an after party.

“I’m equally excited about everything in the fashion show, from sending the models down the runway to a surprise guest performer,” Shabazz said the day before the event. “My pieces are unique.”

Before the start of the fashion show, people were treated to live performances, and VIP guests were given wine and gift bags.

During the show, the models wore colorful pieces from royal blue shirts and rompers adorned with Shabazz’s “Crown” logo to purple nightgowns and gold dresses.

Empire Apparel has everything from formal and elegant pieces to casual and is available for both males and females in all sizes, Shabazz said.

People attending seemed as equally entertained by the live performances as they were by the models that expressed great enthusiasm while on the runway.

One specific person who sparked a lot of reaction from the crowd was Shabazz’s niece who wore a unique royal blue romper that had very pretty detailing on it, such as a detachable bow and a puffy outline.

“I want everyone to feel like a king and queen when they wear my clothing,” Shabazz said before the show.

After all models went down the runway, Shabazz explained to the about 60 in attendance details of each piece and why he chose that specific color and material.

I want everyone to feel like a king and queen when they wear my clothing.”

— Nasiir Ahmad Shabazz

One specific clothing item Shabazz liked that had his favorite color was a royal blue shirt that had his “Crown” logo embedded on.

A portion of the show was a Q and A. Guests asked Shabazz questions and he responded.

Although the fashion show did not begin at the hour advertised he still sent the models down the runway and seemed to achieve good results.

“I hope to have a website where people can purchase my clothing in the next few months,” he said.