The Netflix Original Show Stranger Things Season 2 Is Out!

The Netflix Original Show Stranger Things Season 2 Is Out!

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Zoe Alvarez, Staff Writer

(Warning: this article contains many spoilers, tread with caution as if you were in the upside down.)

The Netflix Original, Stranger Things season 2 was released on October 28, 2017. Since then the internet has blown up with reactions such as new theories, pairings, and fan art. Many people were enticed by the setting, the plot, and much more. We asked fans what they thought of the season.

Mickey Obregon is a college student at the University of Texas at San Antonio. During last summer, he was bored and decided to check out the show since it had looked interesting to him. It took him 3-5 days to watch and finish the first season of Stranger Things.

“This was before it was getting popular, so I didn’t know it was going to be a huge hit.” he said.

This was before it was getting popular, so I didn’t know it was going to be a huge hit.”

— Mickey Obregon

His favorite part of the season was a mix of the characters and setting. He said he liked the “aesthetic”. The whole idea of it taking place in the 80’s. The music, clothing, and the retro feel. He also liked the fact that it took place in small town where “you don’t expect anything to happen.”

It took Mickey a week to finish the second season of Stranger Things because he wanted to pace himself.

“I didn’t want to binge it, but I could of,” he said.

Mickey was very surprised with the first episode because of the character 008 (Kali) who we first see in the first episode of the season. (Chapter One: MADMAX)

“I was shocked because of 008. That’s a whole other twist to the plot,” he said.

He was also surprised when he found out Eleven was staying with Hopper the entire time.

Along with the many surprises we are given in season two, Mickey was surprised when 008 was introduced to us as Eleven’s sister with powers as well. (Chapter One: MADMAX, Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister)

“I was not expecting to be more of her kind,” he said.

In season two, Mickey’s favorite part was the character Steve. Steve became Mickey’s favorite character in season two because of how all the kids (Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Max) love him, especially Dustin. For example, when Steve and Dustin first went to look for Dart (Dustin’s “pet” who we soon find out is a baby Demogorgon) and when they try to trap him in the junkyard.

Many fans of the show were left with many questions in season one which would then be answered in season 2. Mickey was left wondering what had really happened to Eleven’s mother. In season two Chapter Five: Dig Dug and Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister, his question is answered when Eleven goes to find her mother and discovers the truth about what happened to her.

Mickey was happy with the last episode because everything was resolved in the end and Mike and Eleven were finally together. Max and Lucas also ended up together.

Just like many other fans of the show, Mickey has some theories of his own. He believed there will be more kids with superpowers just like Eleven (Jane) because Jane was the #11.

“There might be up to 11 of them,” he said.

On a scale of 1-10, Mickey would rate season two as an 8. He thinks it was a good season since it did not drop from season one. He also believes it built up a lot of tension and suspense throughout the season.

Nostalgic feel

Martha Alvarez is a principal at United South Middle; she began watching Stranger Things when her two teens introduced it to her. It took her a minimum of two days to watch the show since her children wanted to binge watch it. She was hooked by the first season because it had many twists and turns and it was scary to her.

“It was like The X-Files all over again,” she said.

The 80’s setting was most attractive to Martha. She felt like she was transported to a time where she lived. The music, the clothing, and everything else. It was back to her time when she was growing up.

“It’s very nostalgic,” she said.

She looked forward to season two to see the new hairstyles. What they are going to be wearing. To see how they would be dressed in this new season. She noticed that they brought in the west coast influence with one of the characters. Max who comes in from California. According to Martha, we get to not only see Hawkins, Indiana in the 80’s, but in fact the whole nation in the sense of clothing, style, and language.

It’s very nostalgic.”

— Martha Alvarez

“We end up going to the west coast which is really interesting.” She said.

This going with the fact that Martha grew up as a teen in Hollister California during this time. She finds a connection with the show through the setting.

“This is why a person my age likes such a show,” she said.

Second season excitement

Ruben Herrera is a UISD office assistant. One of Ruben’s friends was a fan of one of the writers and he heard that she was working on the show. Ruben and his friends ended up watching it when it premiered. He and friends took two days to finish the first season. They binged on it.

“Yeah it was because we knew a writer, she was an actress from the 80’s,” he said.

His favorite part of the season was the 80’s aesthetic.

“The music, the style, just how they spoke, the whole atmosphere, it was pretty cool,” he said.

He also liked the fact that every episode in season one kept him on edge.

“Every episode just kept you wanting to see more of the cliffhangers,” he said.

It took Ruben a day to finish the second season. It was a lot shorter since it was only nine episodes. He watched the show the day after it came out because he was not able to watch the premiere at midnight.

Ruben’s favorite part of season two was when Kali, Eleven’s sister was introduced (Chapter One: MADMAX) He believes it hinted that there might be more of the kids who have powers and may be shown in the next season.

“I’m kind of interested in seeing that,” he said.

He was very excited when he was watching the first episode because he had waited a year for season two.

“It was just excitement throughout the whole episode,” he said.

It was just excitement throughout the whole episode.”

— Ruben Herrera

Along with the many surprises through season two, Ruben was shocked when Eleven’s sister, Kali appeared. He was also surprised when two characters said Papa, (Eleven’s and Kali’s father) is still alive.

Just as great a season one was, countless fans were left with loads of questions. Fortunately, the majority were answered in season two. Ruben was left wondering if Barb was going to come back. But he finds out that she does not return in the season.

“I was wondering if Barb was going to come back, that’s really the main concern,” he said.

With the many cliffhangers and plot twists, Stranger Things leaves us with, come many theories from the fans. Ruben pondered if Barb would make a return to the show in a small way since many rumors began to spread on the internet. But sadly, she did not return but was only mentioned in a few episodes.

He also believes Eleven’s father will be a huge part of season three because two different characters had mentioned he was still alive.

“I’m guessing Kali is still going to be hunting for him,” he said.

In Chapter Five: Dig Dug and Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister, we discover the truth about what had really happened to Eleven’s mother. Ruben felt that was the only part they seemed to rush just as a way for Eleven to get to her sister Kali.

Just as great as the season two was, there was controversy due to the seventh episode. (Chapter Seven: The Lost Sister) Lots of people were angry because it was considered a filler episode. Ruben thought otherwise. He believes that the seventh episode gave us crucial information that is going to hence a potential backstory regarding all the siblings because there is at least 11 of them.

“To me, it just felt like it was information that needed to be known,” he said.

Season two brings us various new characters. Ruben thought there was going to be more of Max and her brother Billy. They were more mysterious during the first half the season. This leads him to believe that Max and Billy could have something to do with Hawkins Lab. He was hoping to see more backstory from the characters.

“It was interesting, I wanted to see where they were going with the characters,” he said.

As the season progressed, Ruben noticed a few developments within the characters. He noticed Eleven as a person became more outgoing. Before she was just socially awkward. He believes her interactions with Hopper and her sister opened her a bit more to the world.

Like Barb in the first season, we witness a character’s death once more in season two. Ruben thought it was strange that Bob had died. He really believed he would have lasted the whole season.

“You need heroes, and he was a martyr if anything,” he said.

Mike and Eleven were a romantic pair in the first and second season. Ruben thinks it was kind of a forced romance. According to him, it makes sense that they have feelings for each other since they are both at adolescence. Regardless he still feels the relationship came out of nowhere.

Between Dustin and Lucas, Ruben believes Max is better off with Lucas since it looks like the direction they are heading. He feels that there will be a new character introduced for Dustin.

Ruben thought the last episode was sad because of the whole Dustin situation. But it did have a happy ending which he thought was cool. He especially liked when at the very end of the episode, they show the shadow monster looming over the school.

“They also always do that so I’m excited about the third season,” he said.

He hopes to see more of the Shadow Monster in the next season.

“I would hope so, I mean it’s looming over everything so,” he said.

Season three has already been confirmed by the Duffer Brothers. This means a whole new season for much more scary monsters and hardship the kids will face. Ruben is hoping to see more of the siblings and even more interactions with Eleven’s mother.

“Truthfully I think they’re going to make more appearances, all the Hawkins lab kids,” he said.

On a scale from 1-10, Ruben rates the second season as an 8. He didn’t mind the fact that it was short, only nine episodes.

“I do wish it was longer,” he said.

He felt like all nine episodes delivered and that the producers did not waste their time, with the exception of the seventh episode.

“I feel like every minute they were elaborating on the story and they were building and building and building,” he said.