Paralyzed car crash survivor talks about his story with a positive vibe

The Magnet Tribune: Homero Arevalo
Tyson Dever talks to the VMT audience about his story on January 20 in the auditorium.

Lucero Rea, Staff writer

A man paralyzed and in a wheelchair brought a message of optimism to students during a recent presentation.

Teens in the Driver Seat  (a student organization) brought Tyson Dever, from Austin, who is a positive person who doesn’t let himself down despite his situation.

“I don’t take my condition seriously. I can call myself a roly poly,” Dever said on January 20 in the auditorium.

At the beginning of the presentation he told everyone to stand up and play a game, which was matching faces with a partner which had nothing to do with the presentation but seemed fun.

“I don’t want a boring presentation and I don’t expect you guys to be quiet,” Dever said.

March 11, 2005, was the day he was tragically hit by a cement mixer. It ran over his Corvette and caused him to become paralyzed.

This wheelchair right here does not define who I am.”

— Tyson Dever

He clearly remembers the day of the accident. It was during spring break and he was on his way to pick up his girlfriend to go to the beach.

“In a matter of a snap of fingers my life changed completely, being trapped in a burning car with no way out,” Dever said.

A man named Ryan Turner and two other men helped him get out from that flaming car, Dever said.

What happened didn’t stop him from being a teacher, coach and now motivational speaker.

One student felt inspired by Dever’s presentation.

“His story can help people that don’t pay attention on the road by showing the negative effects of it. Tyson is a very inspirational person; he doesn’t let anything hold him back from doing the things he loves. I am truly amazed by everything he has accomplished with being the way he is now, and I will always think of him as one of life’s treasures,” sophomore Aaron Izaguirre said.

Sophomore Katelynn Dominguez said that he is a really outgoing person, regardless of his accident he did everything to make himself happy.

His condition doesn’t make him any different from other individuals, he said.

“I ended up in a wheelchair because of a distracted driver. This wheelchair right here does not define who I am,” Dever said.