First ever CoverBoy for CoverGirl

The Magnet Tribune: Twitter screen shot
Viral Twitter photo that James Charles used to become an internet sensation.

A male has taken over the female’s world of makeup.

James Charles is the new CoverBoy for CoverGirl cosmetics.

It all started when he received a lot of attention for a picture he posted on Twitter using his own type of lighting on his senior pictures which have gone viral on social media.

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He then got to represent CoverGirl in advertisements and social media, starting by making his first-ever commercial on November 2016, which is now on the CoverGirl YouTube channel.

Students around campus discussed their opinion about CoverGirl naming Charles the first-ever CoverBoy.

“I think it’s good that they use a boy for their cover. I think it will attract more buyers,” freshman Mauro Flores said.

Flores added that he sees the makeup community being ruled more by males in the future.

Sophomore Victoria Garcia explained how she did not see what the big deal was since men and women have been wearing make-up for a long time now.

“It doesn’t affect me in any way so I don’t really see why I should (give an) opinion on it,” Garcia said.

She added that it was about time for a male to be the face of a makeup brand.

“Anyone should be able to wear it,” Garcia said.

Freshman Alexis Perez said that it’s good that CoverGirl is using a male because they also have a right to use and represent makeup.

Perez said that he personally doesn’t like the idea of using makeup but if other guys like it he doesn’t have anything against it.

While some aren’t bothered by CoverGirl using a male as a model, one person did share her opinion on how it just isn’t fair.

“I think it’s a very open minded idea, but also very controversial for those girls that believe makeup is a very feminine thing, even for gay men,” sophomore Sandra Martinez said.

I think it’s cool because some girls have no idea how to do makeup; meanwhile, guys are killing it.”

— Joseph Inclan

Martinez added how she respects males wearing makeup but in a way she’s against it, because she thinks they’re striving too hard to get attention.

“I don’t feel like it’s very fair to woman. It is called CoverGirl and now a male being the face of the brand is very contradicting,” Martinez said.

On the other hand, Sophomore Nayelli Fuentes had no problem with the decision CoverGirl made on choosing a male.

“I think it’s good that CoverGirl chose a guy because it shows that they respect a boy’s decision to wear makeup,” Fuentes said.

Another junior male that agreed with the decision CoverGirl made was Joseph Inclan.

“I think makeup should be for everyone. When an eyeshadow or contour kit doesn’t say only for women, it’s like saying pink shirts are only for girls,” Inclan said. “I think it’s cool because some girls have no idea how to do makeup; meanwhile, guys are killing it.”

According to high school students interviewed for this story, most of them are not bothered by CoverGirl using Charles as the face of the brand.

Up to this day Charles, who is also a singer in an acapella group called Encore, continues to be very controversial in the makeup community. His YouTube channel has been very active with him collaborating with other YouTubers like Ben J. Pierce, William, Joey Graceffa, RCLbeauty101, and his latest one with Ricky Dillon.

In his collabs he teaches others how to do different makeup looks, tutorials and even a no-mirror makeup challenge which is a challenge where they try to do their makeup without a mirror.

He has starred on The Ellen Show and has made friends throughout his journey like Katy Perry and Sofia Vergara.

The Magnet Tribune tried reaching out to Charles, a 17-year-old high school student from Bethlehem, N.Y., for a personal interview several times but did not get a response back from him.

A magazine had this to say about James Charles.

“James Charles is no exception. One year ago, he boldly chose to launch his Instagram to the world, using transformative, dynamic makeup looks to showcase the many facets of his personality, serving as an inspiration to women, men, guys and girls who might have been afraid to do the same,” according to OUT Magazine.