Colorful booths and performances bring in a large Hispanic Heritage Festival crowd (package)

The Magnet Tribune: Anna Davenport
Dancers perform their routine.

Crystal Martinez and Lizeth Gutierrez

Mariene Sanchez, Staff Writer

Hundreds of colorful paper flowers bright with Mexican colors — red, green, and white — adorned the Hispanic Heritage Festival stage along with giant replicas of sugar skulls made by art/sculpture students.

The same colored paper flowers and streamers that were on the stage were also adorning the booths serving everything from raspas to Flaming Hots with cheese to fried Oreos.

The 24th annual Hispanic Festival on Nov. 2 was a lively event held by the students and teachers. A packed front parking lot held many parents, children, and students from other schools.

Each fine art area had its own colorful booth and each booth offered different things such as a variety of food and games.

Being my last Hispanic Festival, I am truly going to miss this experience, an amazing festival.”

— Mario Valle

Dance and music department groups performed 32 numbers over 4 ½ hours.

One staff member felt great about the festival.

“Wow! So much fun. Just love it. Everybody’s so happy and having fun,” Jorge Gloria, library aide, said.

The smile on his face clearly showed that the festival wasn’t at all boring.

Many people were posting about the festival via Facebook and Twitter. There were tweets encouraging people to attend the event and there were Facebook Live broadcasts, including the Magnet Tribune’s, going on giving people a view of the festival.

Many people attended the festival and most of the seats to watch the dance and music departments’ performances were filled by the visitors. Most stayed and watched throughout the whole show while others left to play games or buy something to eat.

“I think it’s a great event that’s able to bring the arts together,” said one visitor, Luis Gonzales.

The festival started at 3, but people didn’t start coming until after 4. Since VMT is closer to Nixon High than any other school, students from Nixon began filling up the place early.

For seniors, it is hard to part with VMT and the events it holds.

“Being my last Hispanic Festival, I am truly going to miss this experience, an amazing festival,” Mario Valle, a senior in music, said.

Friends and family seemed to be having fun while walking around with both tickets and food in their hands, taking in the beautiful decorations everywhere.

“The Hispanic festival is a good time to hang out with loved ones,” Estela Melendez said.

Melissa Rendon, Jodie Sanchez

Journalism and RTV students were taking photos and recording everything for publication.

Many people had positive things to say about the festival.

“Hispanic festival is amazing. It’s so lively and colorful. It smells like food which is always a plus,” Jasmine Hinds said.

For freshmen, this was their first Hispanic Festival actually participating in the event and helping out and performing with their group.

Milton Hattem

“I love the Hispanic festival. It was a great experience. The performances were so beautiful to watch. I’ll always love all the games,” Renee Sanchez, a freshman in Piano, said.

People who aren’t familiar with the Hispanic culture also had a great time and admired the culture.

“As an outsider to this culture, I find it so refreshing. It’s really amazing,” Vivian Coleman said.