Former university and middle school teacher now teaches senior English

The Magnet Tribune: Emily Garza
AP English IV teacher Alicia Vidaurri poses with her 5th block class.

Emily Garza, Staff Writer

“I like the sense of community,” VMT’s new senior English teacher said.

Alicia Cruz Vidaurri came into the 2016-2017 school year teaching English at the high school level for her first time.

Vidaurri has also taught at San Augustine Middle School and the local university.

“…I also worked at TAMIU teaching English 1301 and 1302,” Vidaurri said. She taught at TAMIU for 6 years.

Vidaurri also held another position in the past.

“I once had to teach a computer class for a few years, but it was a lot of writing projects so in a way it was relating to English,” she said.

Vidaurri as well shared the reason why she became an English teacher.

“..It’s going to kind of sound cliché but (I have a) love for literature and wanting to share that with others,” she said.

Vidaurri explained why she decided to come to VMT.

“I needed a change,” she said. “It’s different, definitely different…because it’s teaching a different grade level.”

I like the sense of community.”

— Alicia Cruz Vidaurri

While Vidaurri has been teaching at VMT for almost 9 weeks, she already has great opinions of the school as well as of the students.

“The students are great here, very enthusiastic about being here; they’re very creative,” Vidaurri said.

Other than teaching, Vidaurri does other things in her free time.

Another thing Vidaurri likes to do is special effects makeup. Vidaurri has an art degree.

“I like all kinds of art. I graduated with a minor in art, in fact,” Vidaurri said.

“I like reading American literature books, and for movies I like horror,” Vidaurri said.

Vidaurri recently supported some of her students by attending the play, “Mid-Summer Nights Dream on the Stage.”

“I enjoy being able to see students showcase their talent,” Vidaurri said.

Vidaurri mentioned how her students enjoy learning and what she has noticed is the best way for her students to learn.

“They do a lot of hands-on activities, as well as having them analyze and class discussions,” Vidaurri said.

One of the main things Vidaurri is focusing on is “preparing students for their AP exam,” Vidaurri said.

“I love teaching at VMT and hope to continue teaching,” Vidaurri said.