Freshmen express various opinions on high school


The Magnet Tribune: Ame Moya, Cielo Camacho, Kirsten Gutierrez

First day of freshman year students show many emotions.

Cielo Camacho and Kirsten Gutierrez

Freshmen at Nixon high school and VMT said they enjoy opportunities of high school.

Ruth Martinez, a student at Nixon HS, thinks that high school is the total opposite of middle school.

“High school is different compared to middle school,” Martinez said.

Natalia Villarreal prefers her classes at Nixon High School.

“I like the classes of high school better than middle school,” she said.

Jessica Rullan enjoys playing sports and being with her friends.

“It’s pretty good and sports and friends are good,” Rullan said.

I don’t like high school, I like VMT.”

— Alba Rosales

Yessica Borjas enjoys nothing about high school.

“I like nothing about high school because there so much stress,” Borjas said.

Aaliyah Flores admires school spirit and the fact that they have fewer classes.

“I love the great school spirit and I like that we have fewer classes,” Flores said.

Paulina Deleon loves the new people and enjoys sports.

“You make a lot of friends and nice people and I like the sports,” Deleon said.

Bertha Mosqueda enjoys playing sports and being more responsible.

“I like the sports, food, and the more responsibility we have,” Mosqueda said.

Lindsey Solis likes the time between classes, lunch, and after classes because she’s not in school.

“I like the passing periods, lunch, after school and morning because I not in class and like hanging out with friends,” Solis said.

Ignacio Moreno admires football, support the school gives, and his classes.

“Football is great, love the support in the school and my classes,” Moreno said.

Robert Moreno enjoys chess, different people, and homework.

“I like chess club, meeting new people and homework,” Moreno said.

Paul Rodriguez likes choir and the library.

“I love choir and I also love going to the school library,” Rodriguez said.

Pablo Correa likes hanging out and finds class easy.

“I like to be with my friends and I also like how easy the classes are,” Correa said.

Kassandra Arellano said that high school is extremely not fun and will be the experience of responsibility.

“Ninth grade is boring but sometimes fun. High school will get me through life and a good career,” Arellano said.

Mario Hernandez said high school has a larger building.

“Ninth grade is different but it’s the same thing as middle school just a bigger version,” Hernandez said.

Anthony Perez doesn’t like high school.

“I don’t like high school because it’s harder than middle school,” Perez said.

VMT 9th graders also discussed what they like about high school

Delilah Gonzales, in orchestra, likes more freedom and how things have stayed the same.

“I like that there’s more freedom and it’s the same thing as middle school but more social,” Gonzales said.

Joshua Martinez, in woodwinds, likes how teachers treat students.

“I like that I get treated like an adult,” Martinez said.

Carmen Cadena, also in woodwinds, enjoys band and basketball.

‘”I like that band is more fun and that basketball has more intense workouts,” Cadena said.

Damaris Flores, in piano, likes the new sports and new people.

“New people and new sports I get to try,” Flores said.

Abigail Ramon, in dance, admires high school but misses her old school.

“It’s alright and I miss middle school,” Ramon said.

Alejandra Garcia, in guitar, said high school is better than middle school.

“I like high school because it’s better than my middle school and it’s a new school,” Garcia said.

Andrea Guajardo in Tapestry (creative writing magazine), likes high school but it very similar to middle school just bigger.

“High school is almost the same as middle school but bigger and has new teachers and students,” Guajardo said.

Kirsten Gutierrez, in journalism, likes the upper classmate and adores the humor of people.

“I like the cute boys from each grade level and I also like the funny people and I like that we have fewer classes but hate we have an hour and a half class time,” Gutierrez said.

Jennifer Cortez, in theatre, likes everybody and they act all grown up.

“I like that the people are different and more mature,” Cortez said.

Ame Moya, in art, says school is great and enjoys to meeting new people.

“I think high school is awesome because I get to meet new people and it’s a new school,” Moya said.

Alba Rosales, in theatre, enjoys VMT.

“I don’t like high school, I like VMT,” Rosales said.