Former student returns as a geography teacher


The Magnet Tribune: Justyne Bernal

Angelita Flores poses with a group of students in her 5th block class.

Justyne Bernal

Justyne Bernal, Staff writer

A former VMT student has returned as a geography teacher. Angelita Flores has taught at other schools before but made her way back to VMT, the place she always looked forward to attending as a student.

Although Flores was also a student at Martin High School, she always felt more of a VMT student as she looked forward to coming every day.

“VMT is just a whole different experience. I just remember always thinking I can’t wait until after lunch cause that’s the best time of the day. I loved coming to VMT. It was awesome this atmosphere…,” she said.

In fact, her class made history as it was the first to bring Winter Ball to VMT.  Till this day, the Winter Ball remains due to the hard work of the class of 2006.

“Being the first senior class to bring the winter ball to VMT, we did everything we could to raise money; we cooked the food and had a tremendous amount of support that helped us,” she said.

I wish everyone had the opportunity to come here.”

— Angelita Flores

Not only did she return to VMT, but she is now working alongside her former teachers.

“At first it’s weird because there’s this different relation when you’re a student and then a teacher and it’s a little intimidating, but no they’re really awesome and welcoming. It’s been awesome working alongside them,” she said.

Flores compared VMT as a student and as a teacher.

“I get to see it and relive it with you all,” she said.

She said she benefited from attending VMT and explained how different it was from learning at her home school.

“It’s a different quality of learning. We’re learning about life skills, communication, and just opening up as a person. It was just an amazing experience,” she said.

Flores said it would be nice if students could attend VMT at an earlier age, giving younger students more advantages.

“I wish everyone had the opportunity to come here. And I wish maybe there was something like VMT for elementary and middle school,” she said.

Flores said she knows what it’s like to be in students’ shoes and tries her best to make things as easy as she can being VMT is the “cream of the crop of LISD.” Flores knows the feeling of being a student and a teacher of VMT.



Angelita Flores helps a student with a geography assignment.
The Magnet Tribune Justyne Bernal
Angelita Flores helps a student with a geography assignment.