Afternoon Halloween Costume Contest photos show creative costumes (results)

The Magnet Tribune: Edward Barrera
A contestant dressed up as the Grim Reaper stands on stage during the afternoon Halloween Costume Contest.

The afternoon Halloween Costume Contest, sponsored by The Magnet Tribune,  attracted 31 competitors on October 30 at the outdoor stage. Results for the afternoon results are below. Names appear as they were written on the sign-up forms.

Afternoon contest


1st April Salazar

2nd Anayansi Ortegon

3rd Victoria Meza

HM Alexa Garza

Most Original

1st Katelyn Kahn

2nd Michelle Aguilar

3rd Abigail Garibay

HM Lesly Lopez


1st Daniela Ramon

2nd Kerin Gonzales

3rd Jose Mora

HM Jose Martinez


1st Victoria, Indira, Anthony and Jesse

2nd Harper and Marshall

3rd Bryanna and Carolina

HM J.C. and Abci


1st Gisel Garza

2nd -0-

3rd -0-

HM -0-