Costume contest stirs up the laughs (photos and story)

The Magnet Tribune: Susana Ginez
Ethan Vega dressed up as a hot dog.

Edward Barrera, Staff Writer

A student who dressed as a hotdog stirred up much laughter during The Magnet Tribune’s afternoon costume contest.

Ethan Vega, who won the Funniest category, stirred up the crowd with his dancing.

The afternoon contest was held Friday, October 31, on the outdoor stage next to the cafeteria.

Celso Hernandez, a senior who dressed as 1950s rock star Richie Valens, talked about the contest.

“It was a good event. It was very school appropriate,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez also spoke about the costume he wore to the contest.

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I felt like (the contest) was a war to the death. … If it actually were I would have died for I came out last.”

— Celso Hernandez

“Due to my costume, (students) were persistent for me to perform the song ‘La Bamba’ on my guitar since I was dressed as Ritchie Valens. It was funny at first, but it wasn’t so funny at the end of the day,” Hernandez said.

“I felt like (the contest) was a war to the death. … If it actually were I would have died for I came out last. Either way, I still got a token of appreciation. Whether I were to come in first or last, it was all for fun in the end,” he said of his honorable mention in the Most Original category.

Miguel Zamarripa, freshman, a staff writer who was a judge at the contest, also enjoyed seeing the costumes.

“I thought the contest was pretty awesome. There weren’t a lot of costumes, but they were cool,” Zamarripa said. “The most unique one was Alice in Wonderland. There were three girls, one dressed as Alice, one as the Mad Hatter, and one as the cat.”

Zamarripa talked about the hardest part of judging the contest.

“The hardest thing was the costumes. They were pretty cool, so it was hard to decide for first, second, and third place,” Zamarripa said.

Two contests were planned on that day: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. However, due to rainy weather, the morning contest was cancelled.

The contest had five categories: Couples, Cutest, Funniest, Scariest, and Most Original. Most Original had the most entries while Funniest had one entry.

Amaranta Espinosa, who received an honorable mention from her costume as a nun in the Couples category, enjoyed participating.

“(People) were surprised (at our costumes) but they seemed pleased about it,” Espinosa said.

Espinosa wasn’t the only person dressed as a nun; her costume was part of a single entry to the contest: three nuns.

The two others dressed as nuns were Cristina Ginez and Andrea Arredondo, who are both sophomores.

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