Piano student claims top prizes in speech contests

Luis Bravo won Regional Rotary speech contest

The Magnet Tribune: Brandon Gamez

Luis Bravo won Regional Rotary speech contest

Brandon Gamez

Brandon Gamez, Staff writer

Junior piano student Luis Bravo won a region contest in Corpus Christi on May 5 after winning a local speech contest on April 21.

For the local contest the Rotary club competition required contestants to write a 5-7 minute speech about the Rotary Goals.

“When I particularly was faced with the challenge of limiting what I can write about four different things it was really hard writing about it, but once I jotted down my different ideas it became a lot simpler,” Bravo said.

When the clock started ticking he had memorized the speech before hand so his mind was straight to the point.

“This is what I have to start with, this is what happens next, and this is what I have to finish it with,” Bravo said.

When it came to listening to all the other speeches most of them varied, others were very personal.

“They talked about deep personal experiences and I believe those were the best ones,” Bravo said.

Others talked about activities that they do and that was pretty cool seeing how they were able to incorporate the Rotary rules into their lives.

The challenge of the contest was to make sure the speech filled 5-7 and to speak about your life and your goals in the perspective of the four Rotary goals: “Is it the truth?”, “is it fair to all concerned?”, “Will it build goodwill or better friendships?”, and “Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

He had received about $2,000 in scholarships from his speech victories.

Bravo was satisfied with what he had come up with when it came to the day of the contest.

“Yes I think the first time, before the competition I was really iffy about my speech because I didn’t think it would match up.

“When I was in the room the judges were really calm which made it seem that it wasn’t a competition setting.

“When I got up to the podium and I started talking about my speech I put my heart into it and I was satisfied about my speech,” Bravo said.

He found out that taking pictures were part of the routine for the winner.

“I was really happy, but at the same time shocked.

“I was shocked at both ends because a lot of people had really good speeches and I thought for sure they were going to give it to them,” Bravo said

He was competing against other high school students for the chance to compete at the regional meet in Corpus Christi.

He is willing to go through the competition again next year.

“I think it’s a great opportunity, I have the chance to win scholarships and I encourage everyone to do it,” Bravo said.