Summer theatre trip is one actor will always remember

The Magnet Tribune: Courtesy of Andres Regalado
Andres Regalado, right, shows off the make-up of his role. At left is Martin Vela Jr., VMT student who graduated in May.

A unique trip over the summer left a senior with experiences he’ll never forget.

On a great adventure that some students in the Nixon theatre club experienced, their trip will have great memories to cherish for those who performed in “¡Bocon!”.

Andres Regalado, senior at VMT and Nixon High School, said there were many exclusive things while attending their Scotland trip, and he will always remember the whole adventure.

“I would say the whole entire trip was something I will never forget. Just the fact being there was so amazing. I will always remember the actors, the people, and the performances,” Regalado said.

Being in a total different country brought many different reactions to the students’ performances as they performed to different audiences.

“We performed in the  Church Hill Theatre so it was a small audience that we performed to, but every time we performed we received compliments such as, ‘we loved it,’ or ‘it was a really great show,'” he said.

Regalado explained how he enjoyed playing two major roles of “La Llorona” and “Anita” as it was something extremely different to what he had ever performed.

“Scotland was a whole new experience that was really important. This trip showed me how great anyone can be.”

— Andres Regalado

“I really loved the fact that I played a role close to a parent because I had never experienced that before. It was really fun working with a great actress which made things a lot more fun.”

As time came around, it was time to say good-bye to an adventure at Scotland; Regalado shared what he misses as he returned back home from the trip.

“Something I really miss, as strange as it sounds, would be the fact that I could walk everywhere. I know that back in our home town we could do the same, but the big difference was that walking or riding the bus was one of the common ways to get from one place to another,” said Regalado.

Taking a trip to a different town made a big change in Regalado’s life and he sure was grateful he was able to experience it.

“Scotland was a whole new experience that was really important. This trip showed me how great anyone can be. I believe that anyone can be great if they work for it, and we worked a lot!”