Senior actress finds boy’s role challenging

The Magnet Tribune: Courtesy of Jessica Verastigui
Actors perform !Bocon! during their trip to Scotland in August.

Playing the role of a boy was a challenge for VMT senior Jessica Verastigui, who performed at the Fringe Festival in Scotland in August.

She and a group performed “¡Bocon!” as part of a theatre group from Nixon High.

“I played a boy named Miguel, and in the play he goes on an adventure to find his voice and fight his fears. Honestly he does it for his parents,” she said.

Verastigui explained the idea behind the play.

“The whole play is a metaphor as to how Miguel needs to speak up for his country,” she said. “He was scared that he was all alone and that he would never be able to find his voice. He had help from La Llorona along his journey.”

La Llorona is a legend about a ghostly, weeping woman.

Verastigui explained what it took for her to play a boy’s part.

“The main challenge I faced was the physical aspect. Climbing and falling,” she said.

She said it was great performing in front of a totally different audience.

“They were supportive, and they would give us a lot of feedback. It was just really nice,” Verastigui said.

She said reaction of the performance was spectacular.

“(Audiences) loved it, and they were amazed at how different it was from the other ones. They were intrigued by the legends from the story and how we performed it,” she said.

On the street was really hard because you know you’ll have to make the performances louder than on stage, and eye catching.”

— Jessica Verastigui

Verastigui explained what a typical day in Scotland was like.

“We’d get to watch another play from America, walk around and go gift shopping, and then performed our own play. There was saways something planned, something to do,” Verastigui said.

There is a difference between performing on stage and performing on the street, which were part of their performance schedule.

“On the street was really hard because you know you’ll have to make the performances louder than on stage, and eye catching,” she said.

She found some of her acting a challenge.

“I found the stunts we did in the play challenging. After the play you find mostly bruises on you. I had to do a helicopter thing, spin around, and fall a lot,” Verastigui said.

She enjoyed the country’s atmosphere.

“Scotland is very peaceful and quiet; very relaxed,” she added.

She would want to go back to Scotland to see more things.

“I would most want to go back to the Fringe Festival, and see more different plays that what I got to see,” Verastigui said.

There noted other differences between Scotland and Laredo.

“The weather was fresher. Never hot. I never sweated. When crossing the street, look left, right, left, since they drive on the left,” she said.

“It was a wonderful experience as a first time flyer. I went on a train ride and a subway for the first time. Everything was fast paced,” she added.