Sophomore art student displays her artwork in New York City (package)

The Magnet Tribune: America Moreno
Jennifer Ramos poses in front of a stained glass panel in A Building.

America Moreno, Staff Writer

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A sophomore art student had her work exhibited at the New York Comic Con and now at the United Nations building.

Jennifer Ramos submitted a painting for the Art of Wonder Fan Art website. Later, she received some of the greatest news any artist could get.

Her work would be shown at the New York Comic Con.

She described the day she found out her artwork was selected.

“The first email that I received was after school. I was just waiting for my sister and to go home. I received the email and I couldn’t tell anyone since there was no one there, so I was just freaking out by myself,” Ramos said.

Ramos was more than excited to have her artwork shown at the New York Comic Con since she has always wanted to go there one day. She also said that it was exciting that people who are going to the event are going to see her artwork.

She’s a symbol of women empowerment.”

— Jennifer Ramos

Ramos, whose art instructor is Gilberto Rocha, said she is a big fanatic of Wonder Woman and that she admires her.

“She’s a symbol of women empowerment. She has no sidekick or any help. She does it all by herself. She’s a warrior and I feel like this time we kind of need that, especially with everything that is going on right now because we just didn’t elect a female for president. It’s more meaningful now,” Ramos said.

Later in October, Ramos received more fantastic news.

“I received another email stating that they also want for my art work to be featured at the United Nations. Having my artwork displayed at the United Nations is an incredible feeling, especially since they have never heard of them displaying artwork before,” Ramos said.

Ramos described her artwork.

“It was the poster for the Wonder Woman movie, but I kind of made it look like more of a silhouette like. Just so when you see it you don’t only see Wonder Woman, but maybe any woman that empowers you. Therefore so there won’t be anything too specific, anyone can take it the way they want to see it,” Ramos said.